Hyundai, BTS spread carbon neutrality awareness through social media challenges


Hyundai and its official brand ambassador BTS launched two social media challenges that aim to spread awareness on the importance of carbon neutrality.

These social media challenges are part of Hyundai’s recently launched “Expecting Generation One” campaign, the South Korean carmaker’s initiative to build a greener world that will sustain life well into the future.

Hyundai's Expecting Generation One campaign

The Hyundai and BTS social media challenges present a fun opportunity for the younger generation to take part in the global movement to achieve carbon neutrality. Social media users are invited to dance and create unique content on various social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

The goal of these challenges is to remind them and others about the importance of carbon neutrality and promote environmentally conscious behaviors needed to achieve it.

“Millennials and Gen Z will play a major role in establishing a carbon-neutral society so that future generations can thrive. So, we’ve enlisted BTS and social media influencers to create synergy around this important cause,” said Hyundai Motor Company Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience Division Thomas Schemera.

The first of the two challenges is called #Move4Gen1. It’s a dance challenge that turns the idea of “carbon neutrality” into a series of easy-to-follow movements demonstrated by BTS.

Hyundai explains that the choreography features a “+” representing already generated carbon emissions and a “-” representing reduced carbon emissions that lead to a “0” representing net-zero carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Meanwhile, the second challenge called #Pass2Gen1 will encourage participants to relay messages about what they want to pass on to Generation One, the first generation to live in a carbon-neutral era.

BTS starts off the relay with “clean water,” “blue sky,” and “starlight,” and social media users will be given the opportunity to consider the legacy they would like to leave behind as a responsible present generation.

Hyundai’s “Expecting Generation One” campaign was launched earlier this month in conjunction with Hyundai’s recent declaration to achieve net-zero carbon in its products and global operations by 2045.

Hyundai's Expecting Generation One campaign

Hyundai says that the key to achieving this goal is through clean mobility, next-generation platforms, and green energy. More customer communications from the automotive brand are expected throughout the remainder of the year, said Hyundai.

Photos from Hyundai

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