Hyundai to expand sales of hydrogen-powered truck in US


Hyundai announced its plans to expand the sales of its hydrogen-powered Xcient Fuel Cell trucks in the US region. The more eco-friendly commercial vehicle has been deployed and has been in use in Switzerland, and Hyundai, now plans to introduce the hydrogen-fueled trucks into the American market.


  • What is Hyundai's hydrogen-powered commercial truck?

    Hyundai's hydrogen-fueled commercial truck is the Xcient Fuel Cell truck.
  • Where did Hyundai introduce the truck?

    Hyundai introduced the Xcient Fuel Cell truck at the ongoing 2022 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo and Conference.
  • “Our ultimate goal is to fight climate change and build a sustainable future. We are running out of time to limit global warming. We believe that there is no way around hydrogen to realize the energy transition towards renewables. And amongst others, it also offers already today a practical and viable solution to decarbonize the heavy-duty commercial vehicle sector providing excellent drive range, payloads and refueling time on our trucks,” said Hyundai Motor Company Senior Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Business Innovation Mark Freymueller.

    Hyundai looks to begin ramping up its entry to the US commercial vehicle market by introducing the Xcient Fuel Cell truck at the 2022 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, one of the largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event in the US.


    The South Korean automotive brand is also taking part in the Hydrogen Workshop panel discussion at the ACT Conference.

    According to Hyundai, the US government’s significant investment and the interest shown by various automotive brands and industry players in the hydrogen market will contribute to the lowered cost of ownership of fuel cell electric vehicles. Furthermore, climate change and ongoing supply chain issues will likely accelerate the transition to clean energy sources.

    This gives Hyundai the perfect window to showcase its Xcient Fuel Cell truck and possibly take up a large share of the budding hydrogen market in the States.

    “Hyundai Motor is a leader in the hydrogen fuel cell market with decades of experience and proven expertise. Our proven record of success with commercial fuel cell programs in Korea and Europe has been critical to our launch of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks in North America. Deploying Xcient Fuel Cell tractors at the Port of Oakland for the NorCAL ZERO Project is just the beginning of our goals as we work with partners to fight climate change and build a more sustainable future,” said Hyundai Motor Company President and COO José Muñoz.

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