In the know: Driving habits that can harm your transmission


Your vehicle’s transmission system is not immune to the harmful effects of wear and tear. However, your driving habits also play a role in the longevity of your tranny.


  • What are the driving habits that can damage your transmission?

    The bad driving habits that can damage your gearbox include stomping on the gas, slamming on the brakes, not using the hand brake, and not stopping before shifting to reverse.
  • What other practices contribute to the wear and damage of your transmission?

    Other practices that affect your transmission's longevity include not checking the transmission fluid and delaying transmission maintenance.
  • Today, we’re looking at some of the driving habits that could prove to be detrimental to your transmission.


    Stomping on your gas pedal

    Your transmission could overheat if you stomp on your gas pedal. Having a heavy foot on the accelerator can be harmful not only to the gearbox but can also hurt other driveline components.

    It’s recommended that you allow your transmission to cool down after creating excessive torque to avoid damage.

    Slamming on the brakes

    While slamming on the brakes is inevitable, it’s best to avoid this practice. Your car’s transmission mounts become susceptible to damage when you constantly pound the brakes.

    Not using the parking brake

    Parking brakes are there for a reason. They help reduce the stress on the transmission as the slushbox tries to hold your vehicle in place. Experts recommend using the parking brake in these situations to avoid putting excessive stress on your vehicle’s transmission system.

    Abruptly shifting to reverse

    Immediately shifting to reverse can also harm your transmission. Your car’s gearbox is at a greater risk of failure and is more likely to develop problems if you repeatedly shift from drive to reverse without stopping the vehicle.

    Neglecting to check your transmission fluid

    Your transmission fluids help maintain the bearings and metal parts inside a transmission through lubrication. Make sure to often check the level of your transmission fluid to help maintain the performance and longevity of your gearbox.

    Delaying maintenance

    Your vehicle’s transmission system is at greater risk of damage when you put off your car’s transmission maintenance. Having your vehicle checked regularly allows you to replace worn-out parts that can prevent major transmission damage.

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