In the know: How to clean chrome car parts

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Chrome trims add a certain level of flair to a vehicle. These accents bring an air of class and sophistication that can make a car a timeless head turner. In addition, chrome trims also oftentimes hint at a vehicle’s place in the variant hierarchy. A car donning shiny and flashy ornaments compared to its not-so-swanky siblings are often the range-topping model.


  • What are the cheapest ways to clean your car's chrome parts?

    You can clean your car's chrome parts with cheap household products like rubbing alcohol, toothpaste, and soda.
  • Are there specific commercial items for cleaning chrome car parts?

    Yes, there are specially formulated commercial products for cleaning chrome car parts.
  • Interested to find out how chrome-clad car owners take good care of their conspicuous coaches? Then, let’s look at how to clean chrome car parts.

    New Suzuki Ciaz

    1. Use alcohol

    One of the cheapest and fastest ways to clean a chrome car part is by using alcohol — rubbing alcohol to be exact. Nowadays, alcohol is everywhere, and chances are, you already have a bottle of it your pocket. Simply pour a good portion onto a towel or a microfiber cloth and rub your car’s chrome parts.

    Other car owners also say that toothpaste can help clean chrome parts, although, like alcohol, they’re only effective on minor dirt and grime as well as spots created by hard water.

    2. Use soda

    Sodas, like Coca-Cola do not only quench your thirst but can also double as a chrome cleaner. These beverages are made with various acids that can help in removing stains and rusts in chrome like phosphoric and citric acid.

    Simply pour a decent amount of soda on your car’s chrome parts. Be patient though as it works slowly since it has fewer phosphoric acid compared to traditional chrome cleaners. Nevertheless, using soda is a good choice if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative.

    Clean it with water, soap, and a sponge.

    3. Use a commercial chrome cleaner

    Commercial chrome cleaners are probably the most effective — albeit most expensive — way of keeping your car’s chrome parts squeaky clean. Compared to the aforementioned Coke and alcohol, commercial chrome cleaners are specially formulated to clean these kinds of surfaces.

    Photos from Ford and Suzuki

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