In the know: Pros and cons of joining social media car and motorcycle clubs


With the series of lockdowns that prevented us from attending moto and auto meets during the height of the global pandemic, many car and motorcycle enthusiasts have appeased their itch to check out rides and chat with fellow gearheads through various social media platforms.


  • What are the pros of joining social media car and motorcycle groups?

    The pros of joining these groups include getting advice from other members, getting exclusive deals from members, and finding new friends.
  • What are the cons?

    The cons of joining these groups include unprofessional advice and toxic group members.
  • Some find these groups helpful while others don't. That said, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of joining social medial car and motorcycle clubs.



    1. Car-maraderie

    If you’ve managed to join any of the various car and motorcycle groups on Facebook or on Reddit, chances are, you’ve already come across posts wherein a member is asking for advice about his or her ride.

    Fortunately, many group members are eager to help — throwing in a comment or two — and share their experiences about how they might have solved the problem in question. From DIY tips to referring a member to a trusted mechanic, these groups offer a trove of information for anyone who might be experiencing the same thing.

    2. Dope deals

    It’s not uncommon for car and motorcycle people to upgrade their rides. The parts that were replaced, in some cases, are sometimes offered to other group members at a nominal amount.

    Also, other group members might have managed to come across some hole-in-the-wall shops that offer dope deals. These secret shops and hard-to-find stores are sometimes the reason why various individuals join these groups.

    3. Finding new friends

    If you find it hard to find friends or family members that share the same motoring passion, these social media car and motorcycle clubs are a good place to start.

    Not only will you get to see pictures of their rides but you can actually engage with other members who see cars and motorcycles the same way you do.



    1. Casual counsel

    While those commenting in “help” threads do so with the OP’s best interest in mind, one has to understand that the advice they give does not guarantee a complete fix to the problem. After all, they do not work for your car’s or motorcycle’s manufacturers. Take their counsel casually, with a grain of salt.

    2. Toxicity

    These social media groups, are for all intents and purposes, meant to provide enthusiasts a place to chat and exchange ideas about their rides. However, because it’s impossible for admins to filter each and every application to join the club, some toxic members still find their way into these groups.

    Just make sure to keep your comments respectful and avoid trolling other members.

    Photos from Paulo Papa

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