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It’s Official: Green Hornet and Little Red Restored

The Shelby Mustang is one of the most iconic muscle cars in America. A high performance variant of the Ford Mustang, the Shelby is an all time favorite, and one of the car community’s most beloved cars.

Since the Shelby has been around since the mid-60s, it isn’t uncommon to see an old one all dented and badly bruised. Older cars tend to age badly when not maintained properly. So when Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, decided to restore two of the most exceptional vehicles from the 1960s, it is something to look forward to.



The Green Hornet, one of the rarest and most remarkable Shelby Mustangs of all time, and Little Red, the long lost experimental coupe, are being revealed together for the first time ever. They will be joined by two new Shelby GT500 Mustangs, premiering at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.


The legendary Shelby Green Hornet has a very unique history. Originally developed in 1967 as a prototype, the car drove around for a while before Ford eventually decided to drop the vehicle. Fortunately, the Green Hornet ended up with Fred Goodell, Shelby American’s chief engineer at the time.


Along with Caroll Shelby himself, Goodell immediately began to work on the car, modifying and adjusting it until he was satisfied. The Green Hornet has gone through various owners since, eventually wounding up with Craig Jackson, and is currently valued at over $3 million (Php 152.5 million).


The backstory of Little Red is a little less glamorous. After being discarded as an experimental car, the 1967 coupe was thought to have been sent to the scrapper by Ford. Lost but never forgotten, car enthusiasts worldwide were astounded when Craig Jackson made the announcement: Little Red has been found!


Little Red was spotted at a wide Texas field in early 2018, just rotting away. The whole front fascia had completely rusted away, as it had been sitting right in the middle of “Tornado Alley” for over 20 years. The one of a kind experimental notchback was back, with a great cult following.


The restoration of the vehicles was led by Jason Billups of Billups Classic Cars, located in Colcord, Oklahoma. To commemorate the historic unveiling, Jackson will include two new Shelby Mustangs: a one off Candy Apple Green and a Rapid Red 2020 Shelby GT500. The two newbies will be displayed alongside their ancestors at the Barett-Jackson Scottsdale auction, opening at 9 a.m. on January 16th, 2020 MST.

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