Lamborghini Records First Super GT300 Victory at Fuji 500 Miles

Lamborghini Records First Super GT300 Victory at Fuji 500 Miles
Lamborghini recorded its first-ever Japanese Super GT300 victory courtesy of Team JLOC's Tsubasa Takahashi, Andre Couto, and Kiyoto Fujinami in the 500-mile race at Fuji. The trio, driving the #87 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo, started from 13th on the grid after a red flag interrupted qualifying session and maintained that position at the beginning of the race. The #87 made a superb strategic call to make a pit-stop one lap before the safety car was deployed and shuffled back out in the lead of the race. From then on, it was a case of maintaining the lead until the end, which it was able to do, taking the first victory in the championship in the Huracán era. The #88 Manepa Lamborghini Huracán recovered to finish fifth in class despite being hit early on by the #52 Toyota. Tsubasa Takahashi: "For this debut year, our goal was to get one win, and today we achieved that. [Andre> Couto-san and [Kiyoto> Fujinami-san drove hard for us, and we had the best strategy fall in place for us, so I am just so happy right now." Andre Couto: "JLOC was able to get its first win this year. I am very happy that we could get this historical moment in such a special race as the 500 miler." Kiyoto Fujinami: "All I can say is this was fantastic. I was fortunate to be signed as the third driver this season, and Couto-san and Takahashi-san have been teaching me a lot, so I am really lucky to be to drive with such a great team. Part way through the race we got in a position where we had the chance to win, and from there I just wanted to make the most of that chance."

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