Mazda PH announces one-make race series for MX-5

Mazda PH announces one-make race series for MX-5

Mazda Philippines has announced that it will hold a one-make race series involving its famous sports car, the MX-5.


  • Who are Mazda Philippines' partners for the 2022 MSCC Miata Spec Series?

    The Japanese automaker's partners for the one-make race series are  Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), and Clark International Speedway.
  • What engine is found in the race-tuned Mazda MX-5 for the series?

    Each race car for the series will be powered by showroom stock Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter power mill.
  • The event — made in collaboration with the Manila Sports Car Club (MSCC), and Clark International Speedway (CIS) — will be called as "2022 MSCC Miata Spec Series."

    The said event will feature 20 brand new track-tuned Mazda MX-5 open-top sports cars to be raced by MSCC members.

    MSCC Miata

    “We are delighted to finally see the much-awaited Miata Spec Series take to the track as the Manila Sports Car Club’s official racing event,” Mazda Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Steven Tan said.

    “The one-make format of the Miata Spec Series provides a unique opportunity for MSCC members to hone their skills and to enjoy the pure essence of driving. Mazda’s motorsports DNA and its participation in grassroots racing events around the world has made it simpler for us to institute this partnership with the MSCC and the series’ new sponsors,” he added.

    MSCC Miata

    The aforementioned exclusive race series — which will be sponsored by Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC), GT Radial tires and Rota Wheels — will be made up of four race weekends starting June 11. The other three race dates will be on August 27, October 22 and November 26 — all to be held at CIS.

    For his part, 2022 MSCC Miata Spec Series Chair Windy Imperial shared his excitement over the club’s new racing program.

    “The MSCC has always considered the Mazda MX-5 Miata as a true sports car,” says Imperial. “The club chose to run the Miata Spec Series because of its proven reliability and performance on the track.  Mazda Philippines’ partnership with the MSCC has given our members the opportunity to once again pursue our passion for sports car racing. And racing in an event that is both sustainable and fun will surely rekindle our love and appreciation for sports cars,” Imperial noted.

    MSCC Miata

    Meanwhile, CIS General Manager Dennis Ayuyao expressed his full support for the event.

    “We are honored to be the exclusive racing venue for the inaugural MSCC Miata Spec Series,” Ayuyao mentioned. “As an international-grade race circuit, CIS will provide an excellent atmosphere for drivers to race safely and competitively with their Mazda MX-5s. We are proud to host this prestigious event along with Mazda Philippines and the MSCC.”

    MSCC Miata

    Mazda Philippines noted that the local event was inspired by the Mazda Spec Miata one-make race series.

    All Mazda MX-5 units that will participate in the MSCC Miata Spec Series will be powered by showroom stock Skyactiv-G 2.0-liter engines paired to six-speed Skyactiv manual gearboxes.

    MSCC Miata

    The race cars will be fitted with Cusco sports coilovers and chassis braces, roll cages, custom stainless steel exhaust system developed by Drift Exhaust, as well as Sparco competition steering wheels, racing seats, harnesses and safety nets.

    Aside from the MSCC Miata Spec Series, Mazda Philippines noted that the Miata Club will also have its Miata Cup races on the same race days.

    Photos from Mazda Philippines

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