Next-Gen Ford Ranger features customer-centric connectivity, technology

Next-generation Ford Ranger

The Blue Oval marque has further pushed the boundaries of a smart truck with the next-generation Ford Ranger, thanks to its customer-centric technology.


  • What customer-centric features are fitted in the next-generation Ford Ranger?

    These are the eight-inch digital instrument panel, infotainment screen (10.1 or 12 inches in size) with Ford Sync 4A, 360-degree camera system, charging pad, USB port, power outlets, among others.
  • What is Ford Sync 4A?

    This is the communication and entertainment system available in the next-generation Ranger. 
  • In a statement, Ford said that the vehicle (launched in November last year) is bound to provide enhanced user experience with its smart, functional interior and a high-level of well-integrated technology

    “Customers had an overwhelming response to the next-gen Ranger’s new interior design and the technologies our teams had integrated on the inside,” Ford Ranger Vehicle Program Director Graham Pearson said.

    “Once again, the Ranger will redefine the segment with a premium interior that clearly shows people don’t have to sacrifice interior comfort or technologies just because they desire a truck,” Pearson added.

    Ford Ranger interior

    It has an eight-inch color, reconfigurable, digital instrument panel that displays more information compared to an analog system. It features a start-up and farewell animation, a digital speedometer, and tachometer.

    Aside from that, the 10.1- or 12-inch infotainment screens (which feature the Ford Sync 4A communication and entertainment system) helped declutter the dashboard. The system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity.

    Depending on the chosen trim, owners can switch between layouts that would show information like driver-assist technologies, tachometer, and extra gauges. There is even a "calm view" that removes certain information from the display.

    Further, Ford said that many of the traditional driving mode controls now have a dedicated display on the Sync screen. For example, with one press of a button, drivers can go to Ranger’s dedicated off-road screen (where they can monitor the driveline, steering angle, vehicle pitch, roll angles and other controls.

    Next-generation Ranger

    The same Sync screen allows users to control the cabin climate and entertainment, with additional physical controls mounted just below the screen for quick and easy adjustments.

    Moreover, the screen is linked to a 360-degree camera that will give drivers a full view when coursing through tight spaces or tough terrains.

    Ford noted that the higher variants of the next-generation Ford Ranger are equipped with a short-throw e-shifter and electric parking brake.

    The next-generation Ford Ranger has a charging pad for wireless charging of smartphones located at the base of the center console. Mobile devices can also be juiced up with a USB port or the 12-volt/240-volt sockets and the 400-watt inverter that provide power to the box.

    Ford has readied a Type-A USB outlet alongside the rearview mirror for those who have dashboard cameras.  While it can be used to charge a smartphone, the outlet is not connected to the Sync 4A system.

    next-generation Ford Ranger teaser

    Furthermore, the next-generation Ford Ranger’s matrix LED headlights have clever features that include auto dynamic levelling, speed dependent lighting as well as static and dynamic bending and glare-free high-beams.

    Lastly, the next-generation Ford Ranger is fitted with a new climate control system with a compressor featuring variable-stroke technology to improve refinement through reduced compressor cycling and reduced engine load for better fuel efficiency. Owners can access the climate controls via Sync 4A or hard buttons at the base of the screen. Rear console-mounted registers are now seen for automatic and manual systems, improving cabin comfort for those in the back seats.

    Photos from Ford

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