Nissan Ariya flaunts 4WD tech in Monaco Circuit


After Formula E and Formula 1 cars battled in the Circuit de Monaco, the Nissan Ariya was next to lay down rubber on the iconic race track. Perhaps the brand wants to create as much hype for the EV before it goes on sale.  

The electric crossover was driven in Monaco to showcase the car's sleek design and e-4orce four-wheel drive tech. The famous street circuit has hosted Nissan’s latest electrifying journey in Formula E.


“Ariya’s public driving in the streets of Monaco is a great way to witness the capabilities of our e-4orce technology," Nissan Europe Region Vice President for Product Strategy and Pricing Arnaud Charpentier said.

"Ariya is the epitome of Nissan’s innovation in electric mobility, and this event marks a defining moment in the next chapter of Nissan’s EV journey,” Charpentier added. 

Nissan said the e-4orce system manages the car's power and braking, and traces the car's intended driving line on a variety of surfaces. This is without needing the driver to change driving style or input


The AWD Ariya is propelled by a 63kWh battery with 335hp and 560Nm, or an 87kWh one with 390hp and 600Nm. The range of the two batteries are rated at 430 and 580 kilometers, respectively. 

Nissan’s electrification "draws on over a decade of EV expertise and transferring knowledge and technology between the racetrack and road, providing the best possible electric vehicle offering for customers," the Japanese carmaker said.

Meanwhile, Formula E has captured people's attention around the world and previewed the thrilling possibilities for electric vehicles, Nissan added.


This season, the Nissan Formula E team is aiming to be as competitive as its production EVs. New for the 2020/2021 season, the team has named car No. 22 after the Leaf hatchback, and car No. 23 after the Ariya. 

Photos from Nissan 

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