Nissan Officially Drops Carlos Ghosn, Partnership with Renault Continues

Following Carlos Ghosn's arrest last Monday, November 19, for reportedly misdeclaring his compensation in the Tokyo Stock Exchange securities report and for using Nissan's company assets for personal use, the Japanese carmaker's board of directors have voted to officially remove him as its Chairman of the Board and as one of the company's Representative Directors. According to Nissan, after reviewing a detailed report of its internal investigation, its board of directors have voted unanimously to remove Ghosn from his roles within the company. Also officially given the boot as Representative Director was Greg Kelly for the same infractions as Ghosn. Considering Ghosn's role in Nissan came after it formed an alliance with French carmaker Renault, Nissan's board of directors also confirmed that the Renault-Nissan Alliance "remains unchanged and that the mission is to minimize the potential impact and confusion on the day-to-day cooperation among the Alliance partners," which now also includes Mitsubishi. For Renault though, while Ghosn remains as its  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, its board of directors have appointed the company's Chief Operating Officer, Thierry Bolloré, as Deputy Chief Executive Officer "on a temporary basis."

Carlos Ghosn

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