Panasonic Group displays mobility products, technologies at CES 2023

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The Panasonic Group is showcasing a suite of mobility products and technologies at the ongoing 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


  • What are the products and technologies that Panasonic is showcasing at CES 2023?

    The products and technologies Panasonic is showcasing at CES 2023 include cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, an EV charging solution, and a electric bicycle.
  • What materials were used to build Panasonic’s CES 2023 booths?

    According to Panasonic, on top of the sparse amount of traditional building and flooring materials, the company used a large amount of recycled materials to significantly reduce carbon footprint.
  • According to the industrial conglomerate, its mobility display will “introduce key devices, technologies, and solutions that are driving the electrification of mobility, as well as solutions for the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers.”

    One of these products is Panasonic’s cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EV). The company’s new 4680 model (currently under development) is expected to become the next-generation high-capacity standard in powering EV.

    In addition, Panasonic is also showcasing an EV charging solution, which per the tech firm, will “help resolve potential capacity issues in the electrical grid by managing feeder lines to charging points and innovating smart charging solutions.”

    Panasonic also has products and technologies on display designed for in-car use, such as the nanoeX air purifier and the Panasonic Automotive EV Audio System.

    Other mobility products showcased by the brand include the Panasonic OneConnect vehicle monitoring and management platform, the Cirrus V2X (vehicle-to-everything) vehicle data management platform, and the Panasonic XEALT M5 electric bike.

    panasonic green impact

    Further, Panasonic’s booths at this year’s CES were said to have been designed with environmental impact in mind. In line with the company’s “Green Impact City” exhibit concept, only minimal building and flooring materials alongside a large amount of recycled materials were been used to significantly reduce carbon footprint.

    Backboards made of bamboo, a sustainable building material, are utilized as a backdrop for the products exhibited in each area.

    Photos from Panasonic

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