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Parañaque’s No Contact Apprehension Cuts Traffic Violation Cases by 20%

The ‘no contact apprehension’ policy in Parañaque City has cut the traffic violation cases by around 20 percent, the chief of the city traffic management office said.

Inaugurated last March, the Paranaque City government, through a public-private partnership, already has five cameras installed around the Sucat-Kabihasnan Road and some major intersections to catch erring motorists.

Paranaque’s Traffic Parking Management Office (TPMO) Chief Teddy Barandino said that the no contact apprehension system was of great assistance to their efforts in catching erring motorists.

According to him, the said system gave certain areas in Parañaque round-the-clock monitoring and apprehension.

The cameras that were initially installed, QPAX Managing Director Manolo Ona said, are capable of distinguishing vehicle plate numbers that passed erroneously through red lights. These are then immediately transmitted and process for citations per the approval of the traffic management office.

“The cameras can detect certain violations well like the those that stopped in the yellow box, illegally change lane, number coding, vehicle classification, among others,” Ona claimed.

QPAX is the provider of the no-contact system (hardware/software), operator of the equipment. After collating the data of violators, they will then submit it to the TPMO for the issuance of ordinance/violations.

The said program is relatively similar to the no-contact apprehension implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), where violators will receive a subpoena for the violator.

The only difference is that with the MMDA system, people from the Metro Base are manually catching the violators within their jurisdiction through the help of 300 strategically-scattered cameras .

Barandino said that it will only take two to three days from the time of detection of the cameras to the approval of the sanctions from the TPMO. However the citation ticket will be received depending on the delivery of courier, Philpost.

After catching the license plate of the erring vehicle on-cam, it will then be identified through the Land Transportation Office’s database for them to be able to issue a subpoena if needed.

A news report claimed that there are about 20 more cameras that are to be installed that will be use not just for traffic monitoring but for peace and order as well.

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  1. zenaida dizon
    February 11, 2019 at 5:12 pm — Reply

    my husband received another two tickets from no contact violation ,l said another because before that he already receive one before he register his car plate #551. now. was just wondering it was like everymonth. and my husband tild me he dint know, the second two tickets is the same date but diff time so i was wondering is your law about no contact is for general or only for private vehicle because we can see a lot of vehcle and motorcycle are not following the law especially the motorcycle you can see not only ten but more are all in front of us and it is still red sign anf they are already running nd one time we were in evacom to do left turn and still red but the enforcer let us go waving his hand for us to go and i am waiting if we will have the same vilatio we will see it in court its two times happen to us

  2. Butch Cepeda
    April 30, 2019 at 4:41 pm — Reply

    Over the past 25 years, the roads in the city of Paranaque is same as of today while the population has doubled, this ordinance is intended as money machine and not intended to ease the traffic condition in Sucat Rd. previously, Evacom intersection has right turn going to Canaynay Ave. but recently it was changed to no right turn on red signal this simple violation will cost you P3k.. the city council should pass ordinances like the one in Las Pinas “Friendship Route” a number of new roads had been opened recently which makes Las Pinas a better place to live in terms of traffic… I am a mission worker in Sunvalley, Paranaque and most of the time travel time from C-5 via West Service Rd to Sunvalley is 45-1 hr. the primary reason is ayaw magpadaan ng mga subdivision sa lugar na yan. the solution is easing the traffic so that walang counterflow and beating of red light not raising penalty to the max. The people of Paranaque should think of voting this councilors who are non responsive to the urgent needs of its citizens… someone should file a TRO on this traffic ordinance…

  3. patrick
    May 19, 2019 at 7:53 pm — Reply

    Its fucking bullshit law from sucat road making a right turn is now a no right turn on red. When did they put that sign? Kayong Mmda the biggest violators na katarantaduhan gumawa ng law. Bakit hindi pwede mag right. At day time you cant stop to make a right turn because people are going to honk on you. Magisip isip din kayo. Kurakot ang ginagawa nyo.

  4. Anonymous
    May 29, 2019 at 1:09 am — Reply

    Before, there was a big signage in Lopez stating to turn right anytime with care. When this no contact apprehension scheme was implemented, they changed the signage. Smaller signage that you could hardly see was placed stating “No right turn on red signal”. Nice Trap! Please be fair! Righteous governance does not place expediency above principle.

    I lived here in Paranaque but sorry to say that I am always proud in the place where I work! Grateful with Las Pinas City! For the past 20 years I have seen their genuine intention in resolving traffic concerns. Aside from the initial friendship routes, there are more roads like river drives being opened. Some are passing through different subdivisions. This only shows great synergy of local government and the community of Las Pinas City.

  5. Joel Trillana
    May 30, 2019 at 8:05 pm — Reply

    Nagulat na lang kami ng mag papa register na kami sa LTO na may violation pala yun kotse na i reregister namin, wala naman kami na received na noticed. Kailangan bayaran ang violation bago mo ma register ang kotse mo. Sa dami ng nahuhuli sa ganitong paraan ay kikita talaga ang Pque. Paano mo ma i contest within 5 days kung wala ka naman na received na noticed. Saka parang mga private cars lang ang hinuhuli samantalang ang mga motorcycle ang mga unang violators dito

  6. Ahmed Hassan
    July 4, 2019 at 2:53 pm — Reply

    The Head of Traffic Management Office of Parañaque City needs to be oriented on values of fairness and justice. He placed traffic signage before turning right to Lopez St. from Santos Ave.,formerly Sucat Road that is hardly visible to the motorists. You have to look up before you could see the signage “no right turn on red signal”. The signage must be strategically fixed at eye level of the motorists/car drivers. I surmise the signage was set up as a trap to generate funds for the PTMO. Someone should file a case at Umbodsman for corrupt practices.

  7. Rolando Ramos
    July 16, 2019 at 3:54 pm — Reply

    Once a vehicle caught by the camera, Is there a time limit for the traffic management to notify the violator? If there is, how many days/months?

  8. Ericson Villasoto
    July 31, 2019 at 9:50 pm — Reply

    Parañaque TMO… grabe na pahirap nyo sa kin bilang isang driver… 3x n ako npdalhan ng ticket (april 26-May11, 2019) bkit hnd nyo nlng ako ipatawag pra mgbayad nlng seminar ninyo, 9k n lahat s loob ng halos 2 wks… hindi ko gusto mgviolate kaso naman, alanganin ang daan… ambilis mgred ng stoplight… parang “TRAP” ung gngwa nyo s daan… naiintndihan ko dn may mali s posisyon ko pero wag nman sana “pera pera” ang labanan… natutuwa kayo n nlessen ang violators s paranaque dahil s CCTV, totoo nga un malamang kasi sumusunod nman kami sa abot ng aming makakaya… sana meron kayong deliberation kasama kaming violators, instant pera kasi kagad… nkkawalang gana… s sto nino at kabihasnan, ang ikli ng pagitan ng mga stoplight, hinto kagad kklampas mo lang s isa… SA TOTOO LANG, WALA NAMANG NAGIMPROVE SA DALOY NG TRAPIKO SA PARAÑAQUE!!! LALO LANG NAGKATRAPIK LALO NA SA MULTINATIONAL SA UMAGA!!!!!! grabe kayo!!!! nakakagigil kayo!!!! BABAYARAN KO YAN KASI RESPONSIBILIDAD KO YAN PERO UNG RESPONSIBILIDAD NINYO AYUSIN NYO NAMAN!

    August 7, 2019 at 7:04 pm — Reply

    To everybody who got CAUGHT IN CAMERA in Paranaque City!

    As, Per City of Paranaque Ordinance No. 17-06, series of 2016 (AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CERTAIN PROVISIONS OF CITY ORDINANCE NO. 05-04, SERIES OF 2004)

    Section 2, sub section (k) read or written as follows: QUOTE:
    The OVR shall be appended to the Notice of Violation, and addressed to the registered owner of the vehicle of the Traffic Enforcement Camera Violator within SEVEN (7) DAYS FROM THE DATE THE ORDINANCE VIOLATION OCCURRED. Photographic evidence of such violation shall also be attached to the OVR. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) shall also be furnished with a copy of the said ticket and photographic evidence. UNQUOTE

    I’m not a lawyer, but my opinion on this provision, is that the Ordinance, is giving the Paranaque Traffic Management office Seven (7) days to NOTIFY the Vehicle Owner of the Violations (Inasmuch as the postal registered mail take time, I give one month or 30 days), Then pay the corresponding penalty! HOW ABOUT IF THE NOTIFICATION REACH THE VIOLATOR BEYOND THE 7 DAYS PERIOD AS MANDATED BY THE ABOVE MENTIONED Section 3, Subsection (k)?

    I’ve already filed an objection, using the a/m Sec 3 (k), to Traffic Adjudication Board; A resolution was issued, stating that a violation happened as shown in the video (which I’m not contesting); NO RESPONSE WAS GIVEN ON THE MAIN OBJECTION, In asmuch as the said provision is not in their jurisdiction to decide.

    Anybody here who had the same problem can look, I’m sure a lot of violators will agree with me that a A DELAY IN NOTIFICATION OF VIOLATION IS NO VIOLATION.

    Check you Notice of Violation, when it was printed (look at your lower right) and the OVR that attach with the Notice, did you see any date?

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