5 Defensive Driving Tips All Road Users Should Use

5 Defensive Driving Tips All Road Users Should Use

Fellow road users can be the bane of your life when you are a regular road user. Carmudi has put together some defensive driving tips to ensure your everyday journeys are made safer and less stressful.

1. Red lights are No-Gos 

Nobody enjoys waiting at a red light. It may waste a small amount of fuel and possibly make you late, but stopping will not get you large fines, cause damage to your car or even yourself. The cameras are always watching, so when the light changes to amber be sure to press the brakes.

2. Give large vehicles plenty of space

(Give large vehicles plenty of space)

It is always a wise decision to allow large vehicles such as buses, lorries and trucks space. Some trucks and lorries with loads as heavy as 60,000 to 80,000lbs cannot stop immediately. So don’t cut them off on a busy road or drive into the lane ahead of them and suddenly hit your brakes; there could be unsightly consequences.

3. Speed awareness

(Speed awareness)

As your speed begins to increase, so should your vision down the road. Many drivers develop tunnel vision, following the vehicle in front of them and do not look ahead to gain a better picture of the traffic situation. If it is hard to see around a vehicle, do not follow it too closely; change lanes and give yourself some space between your car and the vehicle ahead.

4. Do not get behind the wheel with an impairment

(Do not get behind the wheel with an impairment)

Alcohol is the primary cause of an impairment. There are others too: impairment from an illness, blindness or another disability. If you feel that you are impaired or have been injured before setting off for a drive, be sure to take another mode of transport. Remember, always put your safety first.

5. Avoid making eye contact

(Avoid making eye contact)

Road rage is something we have nearly all encountered during our travels. Scientists have found that road rage quickly escalates when drivers look directly at one another. A driver who suffers from road rage is always looking for a way to anger others, rather than getting angry about something that has just occurred. Avoid making any eye contact with angry drivers, and continue driving as you were- safely and cautiously.

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