Pay as Low as PHP78,000 for a New BAIC!

BAIC Makati, the official distributor of Chinese-made BAIC automobiles in the country, offers you an all-in low down payment promo that lets you drive home a BAIC M20, MZ45, and MZ40 for just PHP78,000! This all-in promo, brought to you exclusively by BAIC Makati, includes:

  • three years LTO Registration

  • one year Comprehensive Insurance with CTPL

  • Chattel Mortgage Fee

  • Tint

  • Matting

  • Seatcover

  • EWD

Check out this unbeatable promo today by clicking on this link. The link comes with info on how much you’ll have to pay for the car in three-, four-, and five-year payment arrangements. A blank form is also available for you to send your inquiries and contact a BAIC Makati representative.

BAIC Makati Promos

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