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Pay Only PHP8,000 Down Payment for a Brand-New Ford

It doesn’t take a lot to pay for a new Ford car.  In fact, it only takes a little for it to go a long way. All you need is PHP8,000 for your down payment–and you’re good to go.

The promo offers all-in low down payment on select Ford vehicles:

Ford EcoSport

Take the road less traveled. Because you can. Potholes, burst water pipes, high gutters. In a car you might slow down or go in another direction. In the Ford EcoSport, you just keep going.

Ford Ranger

The Ranger’s fuel-efficient 2.2 TDCi diesel engine is more powerful than ever, while the powerful 3.2 TDCi diesel engine is more economical. Combined with the comprehensive Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the new Ranger’s performance helps you keep pace with any job, anywhere.

Ford Everest

Designed to tackle tough terrain and unexpected obstacles, the new Everest is rough and ready.  Discover what.s beyond the road’s end.

Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta’s Electronic Power Assist Steering knows how fast you’re going, and adjusts the “weightiness” of the steering wheel for optimum control. It even adapts to road conditions and strong winds to keep you safely on track. But the best part? It only activates when you need it–saving you fuel.

So get to enjoy your new Ford, and think how the next adventure can be so much fun with your new car by your side. To learn more about Ford products and services, you can visit Carmudi Philippines here.

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