PHP200-Billion Makati Subway System Project Set to be Completed in 2025

Don't look now, but the Makati City Council has just approved the construction of a P200-billion subway system in the heart of Makati City.

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Awarded last October 2018, Makati now teams up with Philippine Infradev Holdings Inc. (formerly IRC Properties) together with its partners Greenland Holdings Group, Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Co. Holdings Ltd., and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd., to build, construct, manage, and operate the Makati Subway System project.

According to Manila Standard, the subway is set to be completed in 2025 and serve up to 27,000 passengers per hour (per direction). Moreover, it will use 12 operational trains doing an interval of three to six minutes between trains in the first year.

The city also plans to increase the trains to 18 units in the succeeding years, and extend its run to an 18-hour cycle daily. Their goal is to lessen the intervals to around two to four minutes, and expand passenger accommodation to 40,5000 per hour during peak hours.

When completed, the government expects the subway system to decrease the number of vehicles (around 270,000 cars) in Makati by 2048. Not only will it take out around 2.3 tons of greenhouse emissions per year by 2048, but it will also decrease traffic congestion along major roads and highways around the metro. This will help lessen a commuter's daily travel time, which can increase overall work productivity significantly.