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Porsche Experience Center is like an Enchanted Kingdom for Car Nuts

Porsche is a brand that’s famous to almost every human being. However, not all of us have the financial means to own one. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience driving a Porsche as this German automaker came up with a new strategy to promote its cars. Say ‘Hello’ to the Porsche Experience Center (PEC).

The PEC is like a theme park for adults who loves cars, Porsche, and everything that has four wheels and a motor. PEC is a place where you can immerse yourself in everything Porsche. Within the said facility, individuals can drive a Porsche in a closed race track. Visitors have a 90-minute driving experience on- and off-road, coached by professional drivers. The pro drivers are there because of two things: (1) to lecture an individual while he/she drives around the track and (2) to show how to get the most out of a Porsche.

In case you’re wondering, the available cars that an individual could drive ranges from all major models, from the iconic 911 to the Cayenne. If you’re not into real-world driving, PEC also comes with a simulator lab wherein an individual could virtually drive a Porsche. Moreover, PEC centers around the world features fine dining, Porsche retail stores, and classic sports cars display.

The German automaker says the main objective of PECs is to not sell cars, but to give individuals a “Porsche-of-a-kind experience.” Well, it’s basically a subtle way of selling cars. Porsche added that about 60 percent of PEC visitors are non-Porsche owners, but after visiting the facility, “30-percent of non-owners say they are very likely to buy one.” 

PECs are located in various part of the globe such as United States, France, England, China, and Germany.

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