Porsche stages ‘Dream Big.’ exhibit in Miami

porsche exhibit

Porsche is staging the “Dream Big.” installation in Miami as part of the company’s global initiative, “The Art of Dreams”.


  • Which artist created the “Dream Big.” installation?

    The “Dream Big.” installation was created by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy.
  • What car is featured in Chris Labrooy’s “Dream Big.” installation?

    A real-life white Porsche 911 Carrera is featured in Chris Labrooy’s “Dream Big.” installation.
  • Featured is the work of Scottish artist Chris Labrooy, which showcases a larger-than-life figure with a racing driver’s helmet holding a real-life white Porsche 911 Carrera. The artwork, the Stuttgart-based brand said, is homage to the dreams of childhood. With a playful tone, the installation is intended to inspire the beholder to wonder where their dreams will take them next.

    porsche exhibit 1

    “Porsche embodies the fulfillment of dreams. With our ‘The Art of Dreams’ initiative, we want to inspire people to do just that — to dream. But we also want to support artists and make extraordinary works accessible to the public. In the US, the best way to reach the art and design community is during Miami Art Week, when the creative heart of the world is beating in Florida. We’re excited to be making our first appearance there,” said Porsche Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Robert Ader.

    “Dream Big.” was displayed  at the beach of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM).

    Photos from Porsche

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