Premium Warranty’s 188-point inspection service makes buying used cars more safe


Buying second-hand cars can be tricky, especially nowadays when spending more time outside — inspecting potential prospects — could increase your chances of contracting COVID-19. That’s why Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) has decided to make its renowned 188-point vehicle inspection available to the general public.


  • What car components will be checked with the 188-point vehicle inspection service?

    According to PWSPI, the service will cover vehicle components like the body, exterior, interior, engine, and undercarriage.
  • How long will the inspection take?

    The inspection will only take 45 minutes.
  • What happens after the inspection?

    After the inspection, the surveyor will discuss the vehicle's condition including components that passed inspection and areas that may need attention.
  • Can sellers also avail of services from PWSPI?

    Yes, sellers can also get PWSPI services to improve their credibility and increase the chances of selling their vehicles.
  • With the launch of PWSPI’s on-demand 188-point vehicle inspection service, buyers can be more protected when purchasing used vehicles. The service applies to second-hand cars offered by a private seller, be it a relative, acquaintance, or just someone they met through an online classifieds website.

    Through the on-demand service, the buyer can have the vehicle checked by one of PWSPI’s trained surveyors so they can remove the guesswork and minimize risk before making splashing the cash.

    According to PWSPI, a mobile surveyor will be deployed to the vehicle’s location upon the customer’s request. An inspection will then take place to assess components on the body, exterior, interior, engine, and undercarriage of the vehicle.

    The thorough evaluation process also uses specialized tools to test the onboard devices (OBD), battery, and alternator to look for hidden faults. Paint thickness and subframes are then carefully scrutinized to find any signs of previous repair, accidents, or flooding, which are crucial details that need to be considered when purchasing a second-hand vehicle.

    The vehicle check-up takes approximately 45 minutes, and once complete, PWSPI’s surveyor will discuss any noteworthy findings with the customer. The surveyor will talk to the customer about the vehicle’s condition such as parts that have passed inspection as well as any areas that may need attention. A complete inspection report will also be available for download online after 24 hours.

    In the same way, private sellers can avail of PWSPI’s Premium Inspection and have their inventory checked beforehand. The inspection report and PWSPI’s certification will give private sellers more credibility, improving their chances of the vehicle being sold.

    “We understand the plight of the typical car buyer who is in search for quality used cars in the market. With so many available options, it’s often difficult to tell a good car from a bad one. That’s why some rely on a relative, friends, or a mechanic to help them check the vehicle they intend to buy. Let PWSPI be that trusted expert who they can depend on to give an honest assessment and sound advice on the used car they’re buying. Our goal is to give buyers peace of mind and confidence with their purchase through Premium Inspection,” said PWSPI President Koji Kasahara.

    Photo from Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc.

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