PWSPI has inspected over 1,000 used cars


Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI) has inspected more than 1,000 pre-owned units since it started operations last September.


  • How fast did Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. reached the inspection milestone?

    In a span of around four months, the company was able to cover 1,000-unit achievement.
  • How much is the warranty fee?

    Warranty fee starts at P5,100.
  • In a statement, the company said the milestone was immediately breached after aggressively tapping the secondhand car dealers, financial institutions and online portals.

    These vehicles are now certified as quality vehicles after undergoing the 188-point inspection that covers major mechanical and electrical components. The inspection made by PWSPI will also help customers make informed choices before the purchase.

    PWSPI-inspected sticker

    The Inspected secondhand units can easily be identified as these are affixed with a Premium Inspected sticker on the front or back windshield and the inspection report that is available upon buyer’s request. These inspected vehicles can now be found in over 100 used car dealers around Metro Manila. 

    “Whether you’re shopping at dealerships or online, we at PWSPI want to help car buyers find better quality second hand cars. Our inspection service adds a new level of transparency to the market, providing the customer vital information about a car’s condition. What’s more, by collaborating with dealers and online portals such as Carousell, PWSPI is able to provide this added value at no extra cost to buyers,” PWSPI and GT Capital Auto and Mobility Holdings, Inc. (GTCAM) Chair Vince Socco was quoted as saying.

    The company noted that vehicles that passed the inspection criteria are eligible for a one-year or two-year warranty coverage. “Warranty is offered on vehicles aged 10 years below or with a mileage of no more than 150,000 kilometers at the point of purchase. It can cover either the Engine and Transmission only or a Comprehensive Warranty that covers over 200 parts. Prices start at P5,100 which is a worthwhile investment as owners can claim for various parts defects,” it explained.

    PWSPI inspection

    Further, PWSPI said that while warranty services are offered only through dealers as of the moment, those who transact with private sellers can also avail of Premium Inspection and have any used car on sale checked.

    PWSPI will evaluate a vehicle’s exterior, interior, undercarriage, engine, and on-board devices (OBD), looking for faults, signs of previous repair, accidents, and flooding. This on-demand service can be booked through PWSPI, Mondays to Saturdays during regular work hours.

    A surveyor can be dispatched to any point in Metro Manila where the vehicle is located for a minimal service fee of P2,600.

    Photos from Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc.

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