Shell, INAEC to transfer Malampaya hangar to El Nido


Shell Philippines Exploration (SPEX) announced that it will soon fully utilize the newly inaugurated aircraft hangar of the Iloilo-Negros Air Express Company (INAEC) in El Nido, Palawan once the transfer of the helicopter base from Puerto Princesa is completed.


  • When did the construction of the new INAEC hangar start?

    The construction of the INAEC Hangar E2 started in April 2022.
  • By how much will the flight time going to the Malampaya gas field be reduced following the transfer of the helicopter base to El Nido?

    Shell Philippines Exploration Managing Director Atty. Kiril Caral said that the relocation to the INAEC Hangar E2 in El Nido will cut down flight time from 55 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • In a statement, SPEX External Relations Manager for Upstream Paulo Gavino said that the move was to further ensure the safety and security of its manpower. “This move underscores our commitment to our frontliners — offshore platform crew members who recognize no holidays, are based offshore several weeks at a time, and tirelessly work in shifts to ensure that Malampaya powers Luzon reliably 24/7. Truly they and their families are the heroes of Malampaya,” he was quoted as saying.

    The construction of the INAEC Hangar E2 started in April 2022 and was completed last March.

    INAEC hangar

    During the facility's inauguration, SPEX Managing Director Atty. Kiril Caral shared that the relocation to the 825-square-meter INAEC Hangar E2 will cut down flight time by more than 70 percent — from nearly an hour to 15 minutes — thus looking at improved safety, reliability and efficiency to the firm’s operations.

    SPEX also shared INAEC Hangar E2's position “also provides easier access to search and rescue resources including support from the Joint Task Force Malampaya" (a composite team of the Philippine Air Force and the Philippine Navy with support from the Philippine Coast Guard) and will improve the security of the Malampaya offshore crew, especially in cases of offshore emergencies with shorter response times.         

    INAEC President Jay Lopez expressed pride over the completion of the P45-million structure. “This to us is more than just a structure. This represents a true milestone for INAEC. It is symbolic of a continuing and evolving partnership whose end objective is to keep the lights on in the Philippines,” he added.

    Brian Curie, Base and Contract Manager of PHI International — the firm responsible for maintaining the base and the helicopters at the new INAEC Hangar E2 — said that the latest structure “has far outpaced other airports in the country.”

    The company said that the partnership among the INAEC, SPEX and PHI International for the helicopter transport of Malampaya personnel started in 2013.

    Shell x INAEC

    SPEX said that it harnesses domestic natural gas at the Malampaya structure located at the West Philippine Sea, resulting in reduced oil imports, better air quality, and generated significant revenues for the local government amounting to $12 billion or over P1 trillion so far.

    Since January 2002, Malampaya continues to power up to 20 percent of the country’s electricity or the equivalent of 14.4 million Filipinos. It has also made Luzon’s air cleaner and better since natural gas emits 30 to 50 percent less emissions compared to coal, fuel oil or diesel in electricity generation.

    Photos from Pilipinas Shell

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