Steer away from harm: Signs you need to check on your car's power steering fluid

Steer away from harm: Signs you need to check on your car's power steering fluid

Aside from the usual inspection of tires, engines, lights, and fuel, vehicle owners also need to take into account the maintenance of essential fluids to ensure that all parts are operating smoothly — and the power steering fluid (PSF) is one of them.

But is the PSF anyway, and more importantly, why is checking on it as important as the other car maintenance habits

The PSF is a hydraulic fluid that helps transfer power in modern vehicles, allowing drivers to turn the steering wheel smoother and lighter. If not maintained properly, grit and sludge will accumulate that could affect and consequently destroy a car’s rack and pinion seals.

signs your car is low on power steering fluid

Prestone Philippines shares some telltale signs if one’s car is low on PSF and they are the following: 

  • Difficulty turning the wheel: There may be numerous reasons that the vehicle’s steering is difficult to turn, and one of them could be insufficient power steering fluid.
  • Loud steering: If you notice that the steering wheel is emitting noises it could possibly mean that you need to top-up on PSF. “Remember that the noise doesn't always come from the steering wheel itself, but it can come from under the hood as well,” Prestone noted.
  • Stains under the vehicle: While this could mean many things, it could also lead to steering-related issues.

Should a motorist experience any of these (and confirm that your vehicle is indeed low on PSF), Prestone highly recommends changing the PSF immediately or if possible, periodically, using its high-quality fluids and consulting expert mechanics too.

Prestone said that its PSF protects pumps against pump breakdown caused by wear, oxidation, and foaming through its stop leak technology. “As a result, it lessens pump squealing and aids in smooth power steering operation. It also pours at sub-zero temperatures to help assure cold weather steering performance,” the company added.

 Further, Prestone cautioned the public against counterfeit products sold in the market, which can cause malfunctions or permanently damage various parts of your vehicle, leading to a car breakdown, accidents, or engine replacement. 

To know more about Prestone Philippines, visit their website at and follow their Facebook page, Prestone Philippines. You can also buy authentic Prestone products on their Lazada page, The Clorox Company Flagship Store. 

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