The Toyota C+pod is now available in Japan


In a recent press release, Toyota announced that the C+pod ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) has been made available to the Japanese public starting last December 23.


  • When did Toyota make the C+pod available to the public?

    According to Toyota's press release, the company started public sales of the electric kei car on December 23.
  • To whom did Toyota sell the C+pod prior to the announced public sales?

    The C+pod was initially sold only to companies, local governments, and other organizations in Japan.
  • How many variants will the C+pod have?

    The C+pod will be sold in two variants: X and G.
  • How much will they be?

    The G variant will be sold at JP¥1,650,000 while the X variant will be sold at JP¥1,716,000.
  • How can the Japanes public get the C+pod?

    Toyota says that the C+pod can be had through lease contracts from Toyota dealers and Toyota Rental & Lease Agencies throughout Japan.
  • The C+pod has been designed as a mobility option for a diverse group of daily users who frequently travel short distances with a few passengers. It has since been well received by Toyota’s customers and has praised the two-seater electric kei car for its ease of handling, environmental friendliness, and full range of safety and security features, despite its ultra-compact body.

    The public C+pod will be offered in two grades: X and G. Both cars, however, will be powered by an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery which sends power to the rear wheels. The X variant is said to have a sticker price of ¥1,650,000 while the G variant will be offered for ¥1,716,000.

    The C+pod was initially sold only to corporate users, local governments, and other organizations in Japan. And now, the kei car can be purchased by almost every individual in the country through lease contracts starting from Toyota vehicle dealers and Toyota Rental & Lease Agencies throughout Japan.


    The lease agreement enables casual C+pod use while also ensuring comprehensive vehicle collection with proactive 3R (reduce, re-use, recycle) initiatives for the onboard batteries. This is part of Toyota's goal of achieving a carbon-neutral mobility society.

    According to Toyota, they will continue to offer a diverse mobility lineup, including the C+pod and C+walk T, to provide safe and secure mobility matched to the needs of customers no matter their stage of life or ability, from new daily drivers to the older drivers, and wheelchair users.

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