6 reasons proving that the Toyota Wigo is the way to go


The Wigo is one of Toyota’s best-selling models here in the Philippines. That’s why it’s not surprising that many car buyers, especially those looking to give themselves the gift of mobility this holiday season, are eyeing Toyota’s subcompact car.


  • How many variants does the Toyota Wigo have?

    The Toyota Wigo is offered in four variants.
  • What is the price range of the Toyota Wigo?

    The Toyota Wigo is priced from P568,000 to P700,000.
  • Interested to find out why you should consider giving the Toyota Wigo a go? Here are six reasons why Toyota’s mini hatchback should be on your Christmas list.

    1. Toyota reliability

    Toyota has earned a reputation in the local automotive scene as a reliable car brand. They wouldn’t have been the country’s leading car company for nothing.

    What this means, for new car owners, is that they can start their motoring journey with a dependable companion.

    2. An affordable option

    Toyota has long touted the Wigo as a car that’s easy to drive and easy to own. The Toyota Wigo is also consistently offered with various promos, like Toyota’s December deal on the mini hatchback.

    The Toyota Wigo 1.0 E MT variant is available in Toyota Motor Philippines’ with 50-percent down payment, at P6,359 per month, in a 60-month term.

    3. Light on the pocket

    Not only is the Toyota Wigo an affordable car; it’s also a fuel-efficient one. The subcompact hatchback is equipped with a 1.0-liter engine that can be mated to either a manual or automatic transmission.

    Compared to vehicles that are equipped with larger engines, your allotted monthly gas money can get you farther.

    4. Parts availability

    Another benefit of choosing the Toyota Wigo over its competition is the abundance of aftermarket parts that will allow you to keep your vehicle in good running condition.

    You won’t have to stress out about finding the right parts that’ll fit in your Wigo. In addition, Toyota’s host of dealerships located nationwide ensures Toyota owners, the Wigo included, that they can always get what they need, wherever they are.

    5. Easy to drive

    The Toyota Wigo is a beginner-friendly vehicle. It’s not difficult to drive and it won’t tax you for sitting behind the wheel. There’s definitely a lack of zippiness and peppiness to it, but that same tamed and composed driving spirit makes it ideal for drivers who are still starting to get a feel of driving on four wheels.

    Sure there’s little vibration here and there, especially when you take this mini out in the expressway, but in tight city streets, you’ll feel that it’s right in its element.

    6. It’s got a TRD variant

    Those who want to own something that looks more sporty than the average mini can get the Toyota Wigo’s TRD variant. The model comes complete with front and rear spoilers, side and rear skirts, as well as TRD branding all over the car’s exterior.

    Inside the TRD variants come available with a touchscreen infotainment system that doubles as a reverse camera and a dashboard cam.


    The Toyota Wigo is currently offered in four variants with prices ranging from P568,000 to P700,000.

    Photos from Toyota

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    Toyota Wigo
    ₱578,000 - 705,000 Emi Starts : ₱9,915

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