Toyota bares May production plan


Through a recent press release, Toyota shared its production plan for the month of May. The Japanese carmaker revealed that it has encountered repeated adjustments to production plans due to the shortage of parts because of COVID-19. According to Toyota, the said incident resulted in considerable inconvenience to Toyota’s customers, suppliers, and other parties concerned.


  • What is Toyota's projected production figure for the month of May?

    Toyota's global production plan for May is around 750,000 units.
  • What Toyota sub brand will be affected by the production pause?

    Lexus will be affected by the production pause.
  • Toyota Japan

    “Last month, we announced that we revised production plans to be more reasonable in line with recent realities and positioned the period from April to June as an ‘intentional pause.’ As of right now, the global production plan for May is approximately 750,000 units (200,000 units in Japan and 550,000 units overseas). Due to the impact of semiconductor shortages, we have adjusted our production plan by approximately 100,000 units globally from the number of units provided to our suppliers at the beginning of the year. The average global production plan from May through July is around 800,000 units,” read the company’s press release.

    Toyota continued to say that the spread of COVID-19 and other factors have made it hard for the company to look several months ahead, but the Aichi-based automotive brand said that it will continue to deliver as many vehicles as possible at the earliest possible date.

    Toyota released a list of affected facilities in Japan that will undergo temporary suspension of production activities which includes the Takaoka Plant, Tsutsumi Plant, Tahara Plant, Miyata Plant, Iwate Plant, and the Fujimatsu Plant.

    The temporary suspension of the production in these sites will affect nameplates like the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla Cross, Toyota Prius, and Toyota RAV4. Similarly, Toyota’s subsidiary brand Lexus will be affected. Models like the Lexus NX, Lexus LS, and the Lexus RC will be affected by the said suspension.

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