Toyota enters Carbon Neutrality Partnership Agreement with towns of Okuma, Futaba, Namie


Toyota announced that it has entered a Carbon Neutrality Partnership Agreement with the towns of Okuma, Futaba, and Namie in Japan.


  • What part will Toyota play in the Carbon Neutrality Partnership Agreement?

    Per Toyota, it will measure and analyze soil composition data and use drones to monitor crop growth.
  • What organization is Toyota and the three towns planning to collaborate with in the future?

    According to Toyota, the company and the three towns plan to collaborate with the Research Association of Biomass Innovation for Next Generation Automobile Fuels in the future.
  • Per the carmaker, the goal of the agreement is to “achieve circular agriculture across dairy and feed crop farming to promote reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake.” Since the evacuation orders are partially lifted in the Futaba District of Fukushima Prefecture where the aforementioned towns are located, Toyota is expecting the reconstruction efforts to accelerate.

    With that, the automotive brand will assist the towns by providing knowledge acquired through years of research and development, including measurement and analysis of soil composition data. Toyota will also use drones to monitor crop growth on agricultural lands in Okuma and Futaba.

    The town of Okuma and Futaba will work hand-in-hand to recover soil fertility through crop cultivation and create a low-carbon circular agriculture system using locally-grown crops.

    Meanwhile, a reconstruction farm in the town of Namie will provide part of the fertilizer for agricultural land using cow manure.

    Toyota Japan

    In the future, the aim is also to collaborate with the Research Association of Biomass Innovation for Next Generation Automobile Fuels, which is a collaboration of six private companies, including Toyota, that is researching efficient systems for ethanol production in Okuma. One possibility under study is using crops grown on agricultural land in Okuma and Futaba as raw materials for bioethanol fuel production.

    According to Toyota, the automotive brand as well as the towns of Okuma, Futaba, and Namie will continue to deepen their collaboration to drive reconstruction after the earthquake in the future.

    This partnership will make positive contributions to achieving carbon neutrality by reducing transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions through low-carbon circular agriculture coupled with local consumption of local produce in terms of fertilizer and livestock feed.

    Photos from Toyota

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