Toyota gives new Prius PHEV more power

updated prius phev

Toyota announced that it has updated the Prius plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) in Japan, giving it about double the power compared to the previous model.


  • How much power does the updated Toyota Prius PHEV make?

    The updated Japan-market Toyota Prius PHEV makes 220 horsepower.
  • How much is the updated JDM Toyota Prius PHEV?

    The updated Toyota Prius PHEV in Japan is priced at JP¥4.6 million (around P1.86 million).
  • According to the carmaker, the all-new Toyota Prius PHEV is based on the latest fifth-generation hybrid system. It is powered by Toyota’s newly-developed 2.0-liter plug-in hybrid system that can put out as much as 220 horsepower and achieve a zero to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration of 6.7 seconds.

    prius phev system

    Further, Toyota said that the updated Prius PHEV in Japan is equipped with Regeneration Boost. The said feature is useful on mountain roads and in other situations that require regular switching between acceleration and braking. When set, this function provides stronger regenerative braking force than normal to deliver responsive driving performance while reducing the frequency of switching between the accelerator and brake pedals.

    prius solar panel

    Toyota also equipped the new Japanese-market Prius PHEV with a solar panel. The second-generation solar charging system can provide the vehicle with additional power — enough to drive up to 1,250 kilometers per year in battery-electric mode.

    One of the benefits of slapping a solar panel on the Prius PHEV’s roof is that it can allow owners to charge their vehicles in parking lots where there are no charging stations, or even during blackouts from disasters or other causes.

    Per the automotive brand, sales of the updated Toyota Prius PHEV in Japan will start on March 15, 2023. It is priced at JP¥4.6 million (around P1.86 million).

    Photos from Toyota

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