Toyota reveals 2021 sales, production, export results


Toyota recently shared that the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic were less severe in 2021 than it was in 2020. This statement is reflected in the company’s sales, production, and export results which showed good results for Toyota with an increase in both the brand’s global sales and production.


  • How many units did Toyota produce in 2021?

    Including the production from its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino, Toyota managed to produce 10,076,246 units in 2021.
  • How many units did Toyota sell in 2021?

    Toyota's global sales reached 10,495,548 units.
  • How many cars did Toyota export in 2021?

    Toyota exported a total of 1,823,468 vehicles last year.
  • In 2021, Toyota’s global sales reached 9,615,157 and saw the first increase in two years. The same can be said with its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino which contributed 725,179 and 155,212, respectively. In total, Toyota’s worldwide sales reached 10,495,548.

    Despite the company’s improving sales figures globally, its performance in the Japanese domestic market did not look as good. In Japan, Toyota sold 2,916,852 units, 1,476,136 of which were mini-vehicles while 1,440,716 were non-mini-vehicles. It took 33.2 percent of the mini-vehicle market share and 51.5 of the non-mini-vehicle market share in the country.

    According to Toyota, 2021 was the second consecutive year that the company saw a decrease in domestic sales.

    In terms of production, Toyota managed to put out 8,583,985 vehicles worldwide with 2,877,962 units produced inside and 5,706,023 units produced outside of Japan last year. Its subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino contributed 1,321,741 and 170,520 respectively for a total production result of 10,076,246 in 2021.

    Toyota said that the overall 2021 production results reflected the first increase in two years. But in spite of the good global production result, Toyota’s domestic production figures reflect that of the company’s domestic sales figures with the Japanese automotive brand seeing a second consecutive year of domestic production decrease. The vehicles produced outside of Japan, however, looked good with the first increase in three years.

    Export-wise, Toyota sent 1,757,340 units abroad in 2021. The only subsidiary that got to export vehicles from Japan was Hino with 66,128 units. Overall, Toyota’s export results for 2021 totaled 1,823,468 leaving them with the first increase in two years.

    Toyota also announced adjustments to their domestic production in January and in February due to the shortage of parts supply caused by the spread of COVID-19 at Toyota’s supplier in Japan. In addition, Toyota also revised its production plan for February due to the shortage of semiconductor-related parts.


    Since January 25, nine Toyota plants have been affected including the Motomachi Plant, Takaoka Plant, Tsutsumi Plant, Tahara Plant, Iwate Plant, Miyagi Ohira Plant, Fujimatsu Plant, Inabe Plant, Yoshiwara Plant. Similarly, Toyota’s subsidiaries will be affected causing temporary product suspensions at the Gifu Auto Body Plant, Hino Motors, Ltd. Hamura Plant, and the Daihatsu Motor Corporation Kyoto (Oyamazaki) Plant.

    In February, Toyota said that eight out of the nine plants in Japan will have production suspensions.

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