Traffic Violations in the Philippines with the Highest Fines

Our country has a lot of laws and regulations covering the proper use of its highways and road infrastructures. Of these, at least 20 are considered to have the heaviest penalties, which can see drivers being fined from P1000 and above. For a more comprehensive understanding of the traffic related fines you can visit this guide from the MMDA.

Car Siren

Whether you are a private car owner, a public transport driver or a foreigner driving a car, knowing these regulations could save you the trouble of a traffic enforcer stopping you and giving you a ticket. Below are the traffic violations in the Philippines and their respective fines.

  1. Unauthorized use of bell, siren or exhaust whistle- P15,000

  2. Driving under the influence of drugs- P10,000

  3. Illegal transfer or use of regularly issued plates, tags or stickers with the exception of authorized security plates- P10,000

  4. Tampering, altering or breaking a meter seal for taxis; also using non-operational meters- P6,000 (second offense); P4,000 (first offense)

  5. The vehicle is out of line- P6,000

  6. Driving under the influence of liquor- P5,000

  7. Driving a motorized vehicle with unregistered or replaced engine block or chassis- P5,000

  8. Driving a motorized vehicle with metallic tires on a public highway- P5,000

  9. A tourist driving a car or using a non-Philippine registered MV beyond the 90-day period stay rule- P5,000

  10. Operating a vehicle with an expired franchise- P5,000

  11. Smoke Belching defined under RA 8479- P5,000 (third offense); P3,000 (second offense); P1,000 (first offense)

  12. Driving or operating an unregistered vehicle- P4,000 (if the driver is also the previous owner of the vehicle), P2,000 (if the driver has acted without the consent and knowledge of the owner)

  13. Using fake car plates, stickers and related documents- P2,000 to P4,000

  14. Operating or using a “for hire” motor vehicle with an expired franchise- P3,000 (third offense), P2,000 (second offense), P1,000 (first offense)

  15. Possession or use of a fake driver’s license- P2,000

  16. Driving without a license- P1,500

  17. Driving with a revoked or suspended license- P1,000

  18. Allowing an unlicensed person to drive your vehicle- P1,000

  19. Driving a defective or dilapidated vehicle- P1,000

  20. The failure to equip seatbelts as defined by RA 8750- P1,000

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