Tugade to LTO: Stop mandatory PMVIC testing and address issues first


Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade ordered the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to hold in abeyance the implementation of the LTO Memorandum directing regional offices to adopt the mandatory Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC) testing within their geographical areas of responsibility  (GAOR).

Tugade said that the issues that surround the matter must be addressed immediately.

He made his position following the concerns raised about Memorandum Circular 2021-02 and instructed the concerned agency to conduct “an immediate and exhaustive review of the policy.”

Aside from that, Tugade pleaded to the LTO to keep the previous registration process where motorists can choose between a PMVIC and a private emission testing center (PETC) for the prerequisite vehicle inspection.

In a statement, the DOTr explained that in the current setup, vehicle owners who are not under the geographical area of responsibility (GAOR) may opt to have their units checked at PETC and the roadworthiness inspection at an LTO office.

“Further, ocular roadworthiness inspection for heavy vehicles (gross weight vehicle equal to 4,501 kg and above) are done by LTO personnel, and emission testing by the PETC, within the same GAOR,” the DOTr expounded.

The transportation department also noted that Tugade “recognizes the need for a smoother and more efficient manner of implementation of the GAOR policy, while also taking into consideration the current COVID-19 situation.”

Moreover, Tugade called for “sobriety and unity to address the issues and concerns about the policy” following discussions with various stakeholders in the PMVIC program.


On the other hand, the Vehicle Inspection Centers Owners Association of the Philippines (VICOAP) downplayed the issue of lack of PMVIC facilities that can serve vehicle owners all over the country.

In a separate statement, the group elucidated that the GAOR set by the LTO “is aimed to ensure that there will be enough PMVICs to service all areas of the country of the country, and to prevent over saturation of PMVICs such as what happened with the PETC program.”

The VICOAP noted, “In areas where there are no PMVICs, customers can visit emission testing centers and have their inspections done in the LTO. More PMVICs are opening.”

Photos from Iñigo Larrazabal

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