UK cops to test Ford Ranger Raptor, Focus

Felons and criminals in United Kingdom are soon to have more difficulty trying to evade the cops in the region. This as the UK police force are set to trial Ford's Ranger Raptor and Focus, giving the long arm of the law more speed. The 105mph all-wheel drive Ford Ranger Raptor will be fitted with FOX shock absorbers and Baja desert race mode as standard.  This would make felons easier to catch, may they try to run away it has more than enough to keep up with crims making a getaway across gravel, mud and sand. South Wales Police are among the first to trial the Ranger Raptor pick-up – capable of travelling off road almost as quickly as on it – which may prove to be the perfect tool to access some of the UK’s most rural locations. And there’s no point trying to outsmart the police on-road, either, as evaluations of a 155mph Ford Focus ST estate are underway, too. Both are the product of Ford’s Special Vehicle Preparation team, in Essex, which has added full Police livery with all-round emergency lights and sirens.  

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