WATCH: Brembo introduces 'Sensify' intelligent braking system


Italian automotive brake systems manufacturer Brembo has recently launched a new pioneering intelligent braking system, dubbed Sensify.

According to the Bergamo-based company, Sensify integrates the most advanced software based on artificial intelligence with the company’s world-renowned brake components.​


​​Check out a video Brembo released on its official YouTube channel showing how Sensify works.

Based on the video, Sensify will see two brake control units installed in a vehicle. At the front end, the front brake control unit sends a signal to the hydraulic actuator, which then creates a hydraulic connection activating the front brakes.

Meanwhile, the rear brakes are activated by an electronic signal coming from the rear brake control unit to the electromechanical calipers.

Other benefits highlighted in the video include Sensfiy’s flexibility, allowing the technology to be installed on almost any type of four-wheeled vehicle.

In addition, Sensify can potentially make driving safer as it has the ability to adapt to any road and weather condition as well as offer independent control on all four wheels with shorter locking times.

Sensify will also allow the configuration of the braking system according to an individual’s driving style. As seen in the video, Brembo’s new braking technology will allow the configuration of braking response and pedal position.

It will also be less expensive to own, Brembo said, because the new technology will no longer require the use of brake fluids, which ultimately affects overall maintenance costs. Furthermore, with lower drag torque, Sensify won’t be eating away your disc brakes as much compared to its conventional counterpart.

And probably what makes it a more appealing choice for future vehicles is that the brake manufacturer claims that Sensify is more sustainable. Brembo claims that Sensify minimizes emissions — aligning with the carbon-neutral goals of almost all of today’s carmakers — thanks to the optimized braking action on each wheel combined with the absence of drag between pads, and discs.


“By introducing Sensify, Brembo is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a braking system, opening up entirely new opportunities to drivers to improve their experience on the road and customize brake response to their driving style. Sensify gives drivers the peace of mind they are looking for. Sensify fully embraces our vision — Turning Energy into Inspiration — and it’s another significant step forward in providing cutting-edge, innovative, intelligent, and sustainable solutions to the automotive industry,” said ​Brembo Chief Executive Officer Daniele Schillaci.

Brembo further added that Sensify opens up opportunities in car design, offering great flexibility for carmakers and simplifying integration in any electric and internal combustion engine platform — from supersport to city car and, potentially, to the latest commercial vehicles.​

Sensify is eyed to be released in the market by 2024.

Photos from Brembo

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