WATCH: Hyundai reveals CSV project ‘Continue’


Hyundai Motors announced yesterday, January 10, the company’s global CSV (Creating Shared Value) project dubbed “Continue.” According to Hyundai, “Continue” will convey the brand’s unwavering commitment toward a sustainable future, as demonstrated by the infinity logo.


  • What is Continue?

    Continue is Hyundai's CSV project that incorporates several other initiatives that focus on a sustainable future.
  • What initiatives are included in the effort?

    Under Continue are three key areas of focus: Earth, Mobility, and Hope.
  • The South Korean automaker launched a promotional video on its official YouTube channel that sheds light on marine plastic pollution and depicts the journey of a plastic bottle waste retrieved after decades of floating in the sea to be used as an eco-friendly material for vehicles through the process of upcycling.

    The video features anthropomorphic storytelling and animation to better engage with millennials and Generation Z. You can check it out here.

    The three key areas of focus under “Continue” will be Earth, Mobility, and Hope.

    Earth activities, said Hyundai, will address local environmental issues in different areas, including ghost net removal and upcycling resources in Europe, and rainforest restoration in Latin America. On the other hand, Mobility activities will promote safety and convenience through rehabilitation support for traffic accident patients using a virtual driving simulator and a safety program for school vehicles using big data technology. Meanwhile, Hope activities aim to support the growth of future generations through programs such as “Hope on Wheels” in North America to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and “H-Mobility Class” in Korea which fosters youth talent in the areas of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving.

    Hyundai has been carrying out various environment-focused CSV activities with a commitment to foster a sustainable future. Last year, the company partnered with Healthy Seas, an NGO in the Netherlands, to collect 78 tons of ghost nets and marine litter that were upcycled into sustainable products, such as the floormats in the Ioniq 5 that was sold in Europe.


    Speaking of which, Hyundai also released a video of how they transformed an Ioniq 5 prototype into an air filter to show that it can turn discarded components into something else instead of having them end up as waste.

    Photos from Hyundai

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