WATCH: Verstappen tied with Hamilton after Saudi Arabian showdown


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton find themselves back where they started as both title protagonists are tied going to the final race of the 2021 Formula 1 season. Both Honda’s Verstappen and Mercedes’ Hamilton have amassed 369.5 points.


  • How many points did Verstappen and Hamilton earn after the weekend race?

    Both Verstappen and Hamilton now have 369.5 points.
  • Where does this put Verstappen in terms of driver standing?

    If both finish still tied after the last race, Verstappen will win because he has more race wins this season.
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    A video of Verstappen and Hamilton’s dramatic battle was uploaded on Formula 1’s official YouTube channel. You can watch it here.

    “There was definitely a lot of action today, a lot of things happened. I was told to give the position back, so I moved off the racing line and slowed down, Lewis just stayed behind me, I don’t understand why he didn’t pass. I don’t agree with the five-second penalty, but it is what it is and we’ll just move on. We didn’t have perfect pace in the race today, so that’s something to work on looking ahead to Abu Dhabi. We’re on equal points now heading into the final race, it’s going to be an exciting end to the season,” commented Verstappen who started third and finished second.

    Verstappen caught the first break of the race when a safety car period turned into a red flag after Haas’ Mick Schumacher crashed in Turn 21/22 at lap nine. The break allowed Verstappen to take the lead from Hamilton, and fellow Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas, as both pitted early in the safety car period.


    “The first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix turned out to be a very chaotic race, which had to be red-flagged twice. For Red Bull Racing Honda, Max who maintained third place at the first start, got the benefit of the first stoppage in terms of pit stop strategy and was able to lead for a while. However, in the end, he had to settle for second place, which is not ideal in terms of the Drivers’ title,” said Honda F1 Technical Director Toyoharu Tanabe.

    Verstappen and Hamilton were neck and neck as both drivers battled it out. Verstappen and Hamilton go wide through Turn 1 and the Dutch was advised to cede the position to Hamilton. He slowed on a straight but Hamilton ran into the back of the Honda driver before recovering.


    Soon after, Verstappen received a five-second penalty for cutting the course on the original start, dooming him to second place of the said race.

    Tanabe adds, “in terms of the Drivers’ championship, Max and Lewis are now equal on points, while Mercedes has extended its lead in the Constructors.’ It means both titles will be decided at the final race in Abu Dhabi next Sunday, which will also be Honda’s last Formula 1 race. However, we will not change our approach and simply concentrate on having the best race possible with our two teams and all four drivers.”

    Photos from Honda Racing and Formula 1

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