What shade best suits the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

FJ Cruiser

One of the Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) headturners on the road undeniably would be the FJ Cruiser.  The overall design is muscly and very rugged and is a fitting tribute to the dune buggy model, FJ Land Cruiser.

But much as it looks cool in the urban jungle, it is really meant to take on the wilderness as it takes its DNA from its Land Cruiser big brothers.

But with the overall engineering and design, what do you think would be the best shade for this highly-capable rainforest trooper? Let’s discuss the colors first before we decide.

fj cruiser


This is the simplest among all the available colors for the Toyota FJ Cruiser. It does not call attention, nor would it be your first bet if you are the type of vehicle owner who wants to stand out in the sea of vehicles on major thoroughfares.

Also, as already known by vehicle owners for quite a time already, white would be the easiest to maintain as on a normal sunny day, as a simple dusting would keep it sparkling clean again.

FJ Cruiser


Think of Dwayne Johnson wearing tuxedos: that is how FJ Cruiser would exactly look like on a black body color. Depending on your taste, this color gives FJ Cruiser its elegant alter ego.

Simply put, the Toyota FJ Cruiser wearing this shade radiates sophistication and class—not just to be in the company of trees and rivers, adding to its avante-garde appeal, thanks to its white roof.

FJ Cruiser


This is meant to camouflage the FJ Cruiser in its natural habitat, the sands. The beige color nearly blends in to where this SUV is known to perform with ease. Also such earthly hue tells onlookers, “Wait till you see what I can do”.

fj cruiser

Cement gray metallic

In the early days, gray is somewhat a taboo color for a vehicles because of its flat shade.

But for the Toyota FJ Cruiser this is one of the highly-sought colors. Why? To my understanding, cement gray is the glossier and (maybe) classier version of the usually pale tint, meaning, it can be considered one of the catchy hues on the street that is usually filled with white, silver, or black.

FJ Cruiser

Smoky Blue

This depicts the cool and calm disposition of the owner. Same with the white hue, this does not grab much attention to itself, yet you would have to look at it more than twice to appreciate its beauty.

Also, the FJ Cruiser somehow resembles a vehicle of authority (Police car maybe) while wearing this color. Still a good pick, if you ask me, though.

FJ Cruiser


This makes the FJ Cruiser shout its name louder in the middle of the crowd (aside from the enormous Toyota emblem on the grille). A real attention grabber with its bright tone, this is the only color for the FJ Cruiser that does not wear a white top. This could mean that it wants your undivided attention when seen on the road.  

FJ Cruiser


This lively color is the well-known tint for the Toyota FJ, almost every FJ Cruiser wears this paint as it exudes the lively and youthful spirit of the vehicle (and possibly, its owner too).


If you are targeting for the usual bets (which are not bad at all) buyers of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, one would surely get a yellow or the cement gray colors for the energetic and sprightly glow. But should you opt that would befit its natural appearance, the choice could be Smoky Blue and Beige.

Photo/s from Toyota Motor Philippines

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