Yamaha PH brings Mio Gear Moto Campground to CDO

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It was a November to remember as Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. (YMPH) staged the final leg of this year's Mio Gear Moto Campground in Cagayan de Oro (CDO). The culminating stage of the challenging series not only showcased Yamaha Mio Gear’s mettle but also tested the toughness of its riders.


  • Where did Yamaha stage the first leg of the Mio Gear Moto Campground?

    Yamaha staged the first leg of the Mio Gear Moto Campground in Zambales. The second leg was in Cebu.
  • What are the new colors of the Yamaha Mio Gear?

    The new colors of the Yamaha Mio Gear are Matte Dark Gray and Matte Brown.
  • mio gear moto camp ground

    Day one saw members of the motoring media go toe-to-toe with the participating motovloggers. All the challengers received mystery kits that contained clues and instructions for their mission.

    mio gear moto camp ground 2

    To move up, they had to put their profiling skills to the test to locate a “mystery person.” Upon arriving in CDO, the players also had to search for their assigned vehicles by finding the registration plate number provided by the umpires.

    Additionally, participants had to locate key sites in the heart of the City of Golden Friendship and sample one of the area’s local delicacies. Their puzzle-solving skills were also tested as they had to work out a jigsaw puzzle to find out where they will head next.

    mio gear moto camp ground 3

    The last challenge for day one saw the competitors go head to head in a battle of speed, stamina, and wits as they had to quickly unlock their respective crates while decoding a hidden message.

    Ultimately, members of the motoring media emerged victorious despite a neck-and-neck contest against the motovloggers.

    mio gear moto camp ground 8

    Inside the crates were the latest iteration of the Yamaha Mio Gear and the Yamaha Mio Gear S donning their latest colors. The former was dressed in Matte Gray and Matte Dark Gray while the latter wore Matte Black and Matte Brown paint.

    Yamaha Mio GearYamaha Mio Gear

    Yamaha gave the spotlight to the Mio Gear on day two. A suite of the motorcycle company’s adventure-ready scoots took to the road and traveled from CDO to Bukidnon. This meant that the small displacement motorcycles had to brave continuously elevating thoroughfares to reach their destination — Dahilayan Adventure Park.

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    Here, Yamaha planned more activities for the motoring journalists, motovloggers, and the Cagayanon Mio Gear owners who joined the event.

    Completing the nature park’s rides was part of the challenge, including the daunting “Boot Camp,” an inflatable playground that would give Kinder City and Kidzoona-hardened parents a good run for their money.

    The herd of Yamaha Mio Gears then rode to the Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village, which meant they had to tackle higher ground. Nevertheless, it was easy work for the scooter thanks to its 125 cubic capacity (cc) engine with Blue Core technology mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Its 4.2-liter (L) fuel tank also proved to be sufficient. 

    mio gear moto camp ground 5

    The riders finally settled in and capped the day with “Campfire” night. Here, Yamaha awarded the day-two challenge winners as well as standout challengers. 

    Day three saw the conclusion of the Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground series. Here, all the participants were recognized for their efforts. It also meant that the Yamaha Mio Gear proved just how tough it is after hours of riding in various riding conditions.

    Those following the Yamaha Mio Gear Moto Campground series would remember that Yamaha staged the first leg in Zambales — where Yamaha showed how the Mio Gear S could be used for camping adventures — and the second leg in Cebu — where the premiere motorcycle brand displayed how one can ride the Mio Gear for their beach escapades. In CDO, Yamaha proved just how well the Mio Gear can conquer relatively challenging roads.

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    Photos from Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. and Juan Paulo Papa

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