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Your Kids Can Now Drive a Toyota Camatte

Gone are the days when parents’ most lavish mode of “vehicular” gift to their kids were bicycles. Now, they can give them real cars, like a Toyota Camatte–for their birthdays or during Christmas.

The Toyota Camatte is simply a toy car that functions like the real deal. Designed specifically for kids, it debuted as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2012, and looks like a subcompact vehicle at first glance.

The next-generation Camatte now offers a “a vintage luggage rack on the trunk and is covered in travel stickers.” Featuring a realistic interior, gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel, an electric motor, and even an instrument cluster, it’s designed to drive like a real car–the difference is that only Frodo can probably fit inside (and Sam can probably tag along as well).

And here’s the best part: it has interchangeable body panels that be redesigned in different combinations and colors. What’s more, these parts can easily be removed and re-installed again.

“Camatte” which is a Japanese word that means care (or in this case, caring for cars) only measures around 2.7 meters long and 1.3 meters wide. It was created to expose kids to driving, even at an early age. It’s also Toyota’s way of inspiring and educating children about cars.

Laurent Bouzige, Assistant Chief Designer at Toyota’s ED2 design center was once quoted in saying:

“Driving a car when you’re a child is impossible, but we propose a solution,” says Bouzige. “[The Camatte is] a didactic type of car: you learn to drive in it and it’s about safety. It also shows the younger generation that driving is a pleasure.”


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