Lightweight superior quality KTM bike with added style


Since I bought a KTM 690-smc-r, many of my friends often ask me why exactly I selected this. My answers are very straight on this. I was marveled at its upgraded style statement and lightweight chassis since I saw it. This supermodel two wheeler is also inclusive of refined quality electronic packaging. Since I mostly stress upon outstanding performance, the bike was able to satisfy me on that aspect too. Even if I try out speedy rides on this, I never get disappointed. I was literally fascinated at its edgy sculpted body when I first saw it in the showroom. This also won my heart with its spirited quality of riding.


Gadiell Thursday Oct 14, 2021 15:48:22

Rating of KTM 690 SMC-R

4.5 /5
Based on 8 Customer Reviews

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Based on 8 Customer Reviews
690 SMC-R Reviews

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