A premium scooter that is for a very select crowd

Vespa S 125

A scooter is a basic transportation commodity, it is not a sports motorcycle or super motorcycle. So, a premium scooter is not really a product that is in high demand in my opinion. Apart from that when you look at the price to performance factor you will realize you are losing out on a lot when you purchase the Vespa S 125. The performance of this scooter is okay at best but it costs much more than it should because of the brand value. It is a bougie product that is quite impractical and it also has a high maintenance cost. If you want to jump on the trend train knock yourself out, but if you want to think about spending your money before you do it, I would highly suggest you to not get this scooter.


jhaerix Monday Nov 15, 2021 06:57:10

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