Five Tips to Prepare You on the Road this Rainy Season

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There’s a whole lot of things that are perfect for the weather we’re currently having. Imagine relaxing: sipping a cup of hot chocolate while watching the heavy downpour out the window. How about binge-watching on your favorite shows while you’re bundled up in your sheets? The best of all, though, is catching up on some needed Zs.
Unfortunately, the rainy season doesn’t only bring cold weather; it brings a lot of headaches, especially for those going outside. If you’re a driver, you’re bound to meet troubles if you brave the rain, like floods, poor road visibility, and of course, traffic – which is heavier than usual.
Before you head out, here are some advice we’d like to share to get you prepared.

## Take your vehicle to the service center.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, they said. Now that the rainy season is here, your preparation is your greatest weapon against risks. Start off by taking your car to your nearest service centers to check if it’s in the right condition for driving in the rain.

## Check your supplies in your car.

Accidents and other road mishaps are unavoidable, but the hassles they bring will be bearable if you have the right things. There are a lot of stuff that can be handy when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, like slippers, tissues, alcohol, extra set of clothes, multipurpose tools, extra umbrellas, blankets, and of course, a first aid kit – don’t forget to check if you have enough stock! You can also bring snacks and water since a heavy traffic almost always follows a heavy downpour.

## If you can, avoid the diving through a deep flood like the plague.

Flood levels become worse as the years go by. Sometimes a non-stop heavy downpour can result to a waist-deep flood. *cough* R. Papa Rizal Avenue *cough*
If you see a flood in front, measure it first before continuing. Some floods can be deceiving, as sometimes they hide a deep hole of the road in its depths. If you can, avoid facing it head on and look for alternate routes instead. Avoid testing the waters, so to speak, because no, your car is not a submarine.

## Stay alert.

Stay alert to avoid accidents. Start by avoiding driving fast since roads are obviously wet and slippery. If you have awareness of your surroundings, you can slow down properly rather than braking suddenly which risks skidding.

## Don’t drive if the rain is extremely heavy.

If you see that the rain is getting worse, park somewhere and wait until it dwindles to avoid accidents. You won’t be able to see much if there’s water pouring down heavily on your windshield.

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