How to Make an Effective Car Ad


The time has come for you to sell your used car. After you’ve [prepared it for sale>( and [calculated the ideal price for it>(, then your next step is to advertise your car for sale. To make your car ad more enticing to buyers, Carmudi compiles this list of 10 most important items to consider.

## 1. Cover the basics
The basic things are often the easiest things to forget or get wrong. Make sure to include the car’s make, model and year, and check for accuracy. Create a basic foundation of information, and then build upon it.

## 2. Include the mileage
Your car’s mileage is one of the first items that prospective buyers will want to see in your ad. If you don’t include it, people will naturally assume that your car is a lemon with millions of miles on it. Be honest about the actual miles of your car.

## 3. Be clear and concise with descriptions
Stay away from flowery words, and keep explanations about the car’s condition in a word or two. Use ‘runs fine’ or ‘good running condition’ instead of less helpful descriptions such as ‘runs like a dream,’ or exaggerated phrases such as “you can’t find a better price.”

## 4. Be upfront about issues
Don’t say the car is something it’s not. Include pertinent information about the car’s history in your ad. If the car has been in an accident, mention it. If the left side fender has a dent, tell people that. It’s easier to be upfront in the ad than it is to answer questions about issues you didn’t mention during the test drive.

## 5. Mention how the vehicle has been cared for
If you’ve been diligent with your vehicle’s periodic maintenance schedule, let buyers know in your ad, and be ready with proof in case they ask for it. If you have a garage for your car, mention it. Buyers want to know that the vehicle is properly stored when not in use and not left in the baking hot sun on the sidewalk most of the time.

## 6. Include clear images
A picture speaks a thousand words. They give prospective buyers a visual of what to expect and help establish your trustworthiness as a seller. So be sure to take quality interior and exterior pictures of your car and include them in your ad. Include as many pictures as you can. Make sure to clean the car thoroughly inside out before taking your pictures.

## 7. Avoid jargon
Your car may contain certain unique attributes such as an ABC transmission system or an XYZ suspension, but these aren’t going to mean a thing to an average buyer. Make sure the words you use in your ad can be easily understood by drivers of all backgrounds and education levels.

## 8. Strike the right balance between formal and casual writing
You don’t have to be too formal, but you shouldn’t be excessively crass either. Avoid ALL CAPS and exclamation points at all costs (!!!) Instead of impressing prospective buyers, these actually achieve the opposite. They make buyers feel that you’re hiding something. Worse, they can make your buyers feel that you are loud and hostile in person.

## 9. Provide accurate contact information
Too many car sellers have been wondering why no one has been contacting them for their rock-bottom priced three-year-old Honda Civic, only to discover that they entered the wrong phone number or email address into their ad. Double check your contact information before posting your ad, and make sure to reply to inquiries promptly. Taking too long to reply could make you lose out on a potential sale, especially if your used car is quite the common model.

## 10. Post a fair market price
Make sure not to overprice your car. If it’s desirable enough, your phone will practically be ringing nonstop with people willing to buy it. If your price is negotiable, don’t fail to provide a ‘best offer’ option. Know beforehand how low you’re willing to go to curb unwanted expectations.
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