2021 Toyota GR Supra Gets 4-Cylinder Version, More Power

Toyota Gazoo Racing is a team that doesn’t like taking its foot off the accelerator. Less than a year after launching the 2020 GR Supra, Toyota’s racing arm is back at it again with the sports car’s 2021 version.

So what’s new for 2021? When the fifth generation rolled out last year, it only came with a lone engine option—a 335-hp 3.0-liter inline-six cylinder power mill. This time around, it’s adding a four-cylinder version into the mix, while also providing a hefty power boost and retuned chassis to the inline-six variant.


The biggest story by far is the introduction of the new 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine. Aside from the reduction to displacement and pistons, it’s pretty much the same engine as the 3.0, including a twin-scroll turbo, direct fuel injection and continuously variable timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. The bottom line is that it generates 255 hp and a beefy 400 Nm of peak torque, not to mention it's also more affordable than its 3.0 stablemate.

As for the 3.0 version, both the Supra and the BMW Z4 use the same engine, but it appears Toyota got the short end of the stick, because the Z4—particularly the US-spec M40i—had close to 50 hps more than the Supra. The added power boost, which brings the Supra’s numbers up to 382 hp and 499 Nm of torque, helps the Japanese car match up with its German brethren.

Power tweaks to the engine were made possible by a new piston design that lowers compression ratio from 11:1 to 10.2:1. This is aided a by a new dual-branch exhaust manifold that comes with six ports instead of the usual two.

Toyota says that the update will retain the engine’s “eagerness to rev” while generating more torque at a higher rpm. According to spec sheets, the new Supra’s peak power is available from 5,800 to 6,500 rpm, while peak torque is available from 1,800 to 5,000 rpm. Toyota expects the Supra 0 to 100 kmh acceleration time of 4.2 secs to improve to 4.0 secs with the power tweak.

Toyota also did some retuning the suspension to increase roll resistance and improve cornering. Lightweight aluminum braces were added to fasten the strut tower to the radiator support up front, and updated bump stops and retuned dampers were used to enhance stability.

Here’s a comparison of how the lone 2020 GR Supra Trim compares with the 2021 pair.


The 2021 Toyota GR Supra models are anticipated to start arriving at Toyota dealers in June, a month earlier than its predecessor.