4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Fresh and Pristine

Your car gets you to where you want to go. When your car’s interior is clean and dandy, you get to your destination more conveniently. On the other hand, a dirty and smelly cabin not only makes traveling less comfortable, it can present certain hazards to your health. Thus, regardless if you own an extravagant luxury car or a humble family sedan, you need to take pride in your vehicle and put some time in keeping the cabin clean and well-maintained.

If you’re planning to resell your car any time soon, then it’s certainly worth your while to keep the inside (as well as the outside) of your car looking good as new. If nothing else, a fresh and pristine car interior will allow you to enjoy your car more and protect a valuable investment. Here’s a look at what you need to do to clean, protect, and maintain your car’s interior.

1. Vacuum and Shampoo

Hands down, the most important activities to keep your car clean. To keep your car interior looking and smelling like new, you need to vacuum and shampoo the cabin regularly. Aside from getting rid of any bad smell, these actions will get rid of dirt, dust, and grime from various surfaces such as carpeting, upholstery, and mats. Vacuum your car weekly and shampoo it once a month. If the surfaces are really dirty, you’ll need to vacuum and shampoo more than once and more often.

2. Wipe Down

Whether leather, vinyl or rubber, you need to wipe down your car interior’s surfaces with the appropriate cleaning product. Do this at least once or twice a week, depending on how often you take out your car. Ask your car dealer for their recommendations on the proper cleaning products for your car. Take out your floor mats and wipe and/or wash them separately. If the mats are looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to replace them with a new set.

Pay close attention to the dashboard as this is always in your view as you drive. It’s also a visible part of the car from the outside. As the area that other people will judge you on, it makes sense to keep your dashboard looking clean as a whistle always. As well, clean all the windows inside and out. Not just the front and rear windscreens, but the door windows as well.

3. Daily inspection

You check your car pressure’s fluids and tire pressure regularly if not daily, so why not include your car’s interior in your routine? As part of keeping the cabin clean, it is important to do a quick inspection of the space. Remove any piece of trash immediately, if there are any. Empty ashtrays or any other garbage receptacles you may have.

4. Focus on the detail

A great way to get the interior of car completely clean is to have it professionally detailed. If you’re willing to part ways with some of your good money, a professional detailer can eliminate even the last remaining bread crumb inside your vehicle. Make sure to choose an established detailer for the job though, as these tried-and-tested experts use commercial-grade detailing products that clean and protect interior surfaces while giving it that new-car smell.