5 things to know about HSDC


The Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) is one of the premier driving and riding schools in the Philippines. The world-class training facility, owned and operated by the automotive brand, offers various driving and riding courses for those looking to learn from the pros.


  • How big is the HSDC facility?

    HSDC sits on a 2.2-hectare lot. Here stands HSDC’s administration building, commercial building, and test track.
  • When was HSDC Philippines established?

    HSDC was established in the Philippines in May of 2008.
  • Carmudi Philippines previously talked to HSDC Section Manager Herminio Lomibao to find out a few interesting facts about the institution. That said, here are five things you might not know about HSDC.

    It is 14 years old

    HSDC was established in May of 2008, which means that the facility has been honing the skills of Filipino drivers and riders for more than a decade.

    During our interview, Lomibao said that HSDC initially started as a foundation and was born out of a collaboration between Asian Honda Auto Cars Philippines and Honda Philippines. Eventually, the HSDC Section Manager explained, the facility became solely owned by Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI).

    It is 2.2 hectares big

    When asked about the size of the facility, Lomibao said that HSDC sits on a 2.2-hectare lot. In it are HSDC’s administration building, commercial building, and of course, the test track itself — which is about 1.7 hectares big.

    hsdc test track

    The test track has various courses for motorcycle riding, automobile driving, and truck driving.

    And speaking of trucks…

    Truck drivers get certified here

    HSDC also accommodates truck driver certification programs.

    Per Lomibao, large multinational companies like Nestle, go to HSDC to get their truck drivers certified. The actual training, apparently, happens elsewhere.

    “We don’t do the actual training for the truck drivers, but we do certification,” Lomibao explained.

    Sarah Duterte received training at HSDC

    Lomibao said that Vice President (VP) Sara Duterte went to train at HSDC. The VP, like her father, former President Rodrigo Duterte, is an avid motorcycle rider.

    sara at honda

    The HSDC Section Manager, then further elaborated on the training center’s big bike training program. He said that those looking to learn how to ride big bikes must first be assessed by HSDC’s instructors. Applicants deemed not ready to ride a high-displacement motorbike will first have to undergo drills in riding a small bike.

    “The training approach, training program, training content, and training module for big bikes are different,” he said. That’s why the HSDC is careful when conducting training and certifications for riders and drivers who enroll in the facility.

    They could soon offer e-bike and e-motorcycle training courses

    With the advent of electric bikes and electric motorcycles, HSDC is already preparing specialized courses for responsibly using these vehicles.

    “Sooner or later e-bikes and electric vehicles will be the thing in the Philippines,” Lomibao said. Should that be the case, HSDC would have the right training programs to teach future riders how to operate e-bikes and e-motorcycles, understand their limitations, and how to safely ride one.

    Photos from Honda Safety Driving Center Philippines Facebook Page and Juan Paulo Papa

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