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5 Tips on How To Avoid Long Weekend Road Trip Traffic

Road trips are probably one of the things you look forward to because it is the time where you can escape reality and just have fun. However, road trips can also be a hassle especially when you’re scheduled trip falls on a long weekend or long holiday. There’s a good chance that the volume of cars on the expressway would balloon due to the great number of people who want to escape reality. As such, here are some tips on how to avoid long weekend road trip traffic.

Plan your route

The first thing that you should do is to know and plan your route. Do a research on how to reach your destination to have an idea on which route you’re going to take. This will also give you an overview of the things you would expect during the course of your drive as well as the road terrain that you need to pass through–will there be winding roads or steep inclined roads? Knowing such things in advance will help you have a more fun and safer trip.

Fuel up

It’s better if your car already has a full tank before the start of your road trip to save time. This will also eliminate a huge hassle on your part because fuel stations along the expressway might be packed with other motorists who are making a final stop before hitting the open highway.

Prepare your car

Aside from fueling up your car, you should also do a maintenance check of your car at least a week before the trip. Make sure that your car’s fluids are enough, the headlights are working properly, the tires are well inflated, and so on. Do not take this step for granted as this can spoil your road trip–you don’t want to have a vacation inside a stalled vehicle.

Be on time

While this is an escape or a vacation, it’s still ideal if you leave on the scheduled time. The time of your departure can be finalized while planning your route. Determine when is the best time to leave the city–late at night or midnight or dawn–because if you screw this one then there’s a good chance that you’re going to have a slow pace and even get stuck in traffic when approaching toll plazas.

Use navigational app

Navigational apps such as Waze gives you live traffic updates and it also alerts you if their is an accident or hazard ahead. Moreover, this will serve as your guide should you find yourself lost in the wilderness–just hope that there’s a strong signal.

Road trips with your family or friends is one of the best things in life–don’t spoil this opportunity to escape the busy urban lifestyle. Follow the tips we shared here for you to avoid the long weekend road trip traffic.

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