ACDelco offers new gas engine oil product

ACDelco Gasoline Supreme Plus 5W30 API SP engine oil

ACDelco Philippines has introduced its latest offering that is expected to meet the demands of gasoline-powered vehicles.

The company claimed that its latest product, the ACDelco Gasoline Supreme Plus 5W30 API SP engine oil, is engineered to provide lasting benefits —  ensuring that gasoline engines are maintained at the best condition possible.

“ACDelco assures car aficionados of premium lasting performance of their well-loved vehicles with the latest offering of its Gasoline Supreme Plus 5W30 API SP engine oil. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the group that sets the universal standard and based on its latest ratings, the newly released ACDelco 5W30 is awarded the ‘SP’ rating which is currently the highest rating achievement in terms of gasoline engine performance by any lubricant brand in the market today,” ACDelco Philippines explained.

ACDelco Gasoline Supreme Plus 5W30 API SP engine oil

The newly introduced motor oil offering is designed to reveal the gasoline-powered car’s true potential as it safeguards the engine and turbocharger against possible harmful dregs to maintain efficiency and ensure longevity.

The company noted that the ACDelco Gasoline Supreme Plus 5W30 API SP engine oil is also guaranteed to provide outstanding mitigation against Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) in turbocharged gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to protect critical parts.

The newest member of the motor oil lineup a assures users of reduced oil loss at high temperature due to evaporation when compared to conventional and semi-synthetic motor oils.

Further, the leading US-based aftermarket brand boasts of reduced maintenance costs to users as it is created to deliver excellent degradation control — recommended for long oil change intervals — can provide exceptional performance under extreme weather temperatures.

The product is designed for the following: Advanced, high-power density and performance engines with turbochargers; gasoline direct injected; those operating in extreme hot or cold situations, used under stop-and-go driving conditions,

The latest automotive aftermarket offering is now available for purchase via along with its myriad of high-class car maintenance parts, batteries, lubes, premium oils, filters, wipers and many more. Follow ACDelco Facebook and IG accounts for more updates about the brand and its products.

Photos from ACDelco Philippines

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