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All-New Volkswagen T-Cross Set to Debut Next Month

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, along comes another strong contender in the crossover scene: the Volkswagen T-Cross. Considered the smallest (and coolest) Urban SUV in the company’s lineup, this crossover will be revealed in October this year to compete against the Ford Eco-Sport, Nissan Juke, and Honda HR-V.

Using the slogan “I am more,” the statement comprises four different areas that Volkswagen wants drivers to experience with T-Cross: “I am safe,” “I am intuitive,” “I am practical,” and “I am cool.”

Here’s one thing the T-Cross isn’t: Boring. No similar-shaded colors here that reminds you of your grandfather’s car. Expect the T-Cross to shake things up by giving you more color shades to choose from. All the colors will be available in various bi-color paintwork versions as an optional package.

So what else is new? Volkswagen deliberately made it look more “charismatic and masculine.” They did this by keeping the bonnet and headlights outside its radiator grille, making the making the front end stand out. The shoulder section integrates well with the design, adding a stronger facade to its exterior. Interestingly, the headlights look like they came a bit from the ’90s. Others might not agree with us, but personally, we think it contrasts nicely with its modern-looking facade.

The interior details are still under our radar. However, the design sketches that Volkswagen provided shows a bit of a modern-futuristic design. Obviously, it’s extending the hip, fresher vibe of its exterior to its interior.

The engine specs also remain unknown. Still, there’s a big probability that VW would lean towards turbocharged petrol and diesel engines mated to manual and dual-clutch automatic transmission options.

So, will it dominate the already “overcrowded” crossover market in the Philippines? Let’s wait and see. Here’s a short video about the new T-Cross (just to whet your appetite a bit):

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