Angkas urges senatorial aspirants to look after 18-M riders’ welfare

Angkas Safety Fiesta

The Angkas leadership is urging those eyeing an electoral post in the upcoming national elections to include the welfare and protection of the 18-million-strong riding community.


  • What is Angkas Chief Executive Officer George Royeca's plea to the electoral candidates in the upcoming polls?

    His request is to to include the  welfare and protection of the 18-million strong riding community.
  • How many Filipinos are part of the country's motorcycle-riding community?

    Royeca said that there are about 18-million riders in the Philippines.
  • During the 2022 Angkas Safety Fiesta, company chief executive officer (CEO) George Royeca said that around 99 percent of motorcycle owners are low-income breadwinners.

    “It is for this reason that we have invited candidates from every party. The welfare and livelihoods of 18 million Filipinos — and the families they support — are issues that cut through party divisions and affect all of us,” Royeca said.

    Angkas Safety Fiesta

    The event in Cainta also guested various senatorial hopefuls from various political parties — all throwing their respective support to Angkas’ advocacy.

    “Whatever your political inclinations are, we hope that 18 million kagulongs are part of the national agenda,” he added.

    The chief executive of the motorcycle ride-hailing mobile app said that amid the huge number of motorcycle riders, the country still lacks the infrastructure, livelihood benefits, and the proper system to protect the riders and are treated as second-class citizens on the road.

    Angkas Safety Fiesta

    “There are 18 million bikers in the country, three times the number of cars. Unfortunately, roads are not optimized for bikers,” he pointed.

    In a statement, the company said that the event — which was packed by 3,000 motorcycle users —“signaled Angkas’ preparation” to provide alternative transport again following the lowering of COVID-19 restrictions.

    Angkas Safety Fiesta

     “While our primary concern today is the welfare of 18 million motorcycle riders, we are by no means suggesting that they be given a handout,” Royeca highlighted, adding that despite being vital to commerce, the bikers’ livelihoods do not enjoy protection from the law.

    “To the 18 million people that are depending on two wheels for their livelihoods, we want you to have the proper representation and good champions who will really look at what you’re doing, how you can thrive, how you can be better, and also fight for your rights,” he shared.

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