Arts in Parts: Mazda 3 Sedan and Sportback

The all-new Mazda 3 Sedan and Sportback may have some similarities, but believe me, these are two different animals.

Just ask Koichiro Yamaguchi, Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC) product division program manager, and Chungkeat Khoo, MMC ASEAN business office brand and sales promotion.

Mazda Philippines had a three-day drive from Manila to Clark and all the way up to Baguio to further understand the beauty that is the Mazda 3.

Just on the rear and front lines alone, Yamaguchi differentiated the two. The chrome addition to the sedan gives it the elegant glow while the sportback’s matte black finish for its underhang gives it the athletic vibe.

Also, the curves of the all-new Mazda 3 exudes the character that it embodies: the deep heavy lines of the Sportback as well as the sleek lines of the Sedan provides different hues as it moves.

The beauty of minimalism also is illumination.

Both body types share the same design of the headlamps: simple rimshape-line pattern with three-dimensional depth.

The simple curved line design of the taill lamp exemplifies the sporty nature of the vehicle while the straight horizontal lines for the sedan has the stable look.

Jinba-ittai--translated as "horse and rider as one"--design is also felt with the simplified design of the vehicle.

Buttons seen in the interior have a consistent feel and soft touch but there’s that comforting clicking sound at a push or pull.

The lighting inside shares also the same white hue--with just the dashboard having a little more glow for a more relaxed feel.

The deep red interior for the all-new Mazda Sportback is said to represents passion.

Khoo said though the sound system for the standard and Bose variant (well, aside from four more speakers for the latter), it’s the positioning of the speakers that ups the ante for the vehicle’s audio system.

At Level 10 volume, NVH levels are remarkable, and there's ease of communication despite the sound level.

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